That’s West Coast D’s to those of you not in the know…

loved meeting the newest member of my family!   Ryan is A-DORABLE!! So SMILEY! ( and no, its not gas- at least not all of the time)

And Louie is as cute and funny as ever- a possibly a foot taller than when i saw him last in December. ( longest I have ever gone without seeing him by the way)

G & A look faaaaaabulous and I am so impressed with their new home- its beautiful, plenty of space both indoors and out and in a great neighborhood close to LMU (makes me want to go back to college again)

Of course it was a slightly rainy day today- the state of California should be paying the East Coast D’s  (ECD) clan to visit since its rained each time one of us has visited in the past 2 months- we’d end the drought!  So anyway, rain meant no pool day (my bathing suit was PSYCHED for the reprive)  and lazy for me, so lounging and an occasional light saber battle with Louie had Day 2 rocking.

IMG_0345Visiting with D&D tonight for a yummy dinner and a Grateful Dead webcast- did I ever mention I met them all ( except Jerry) when I worked at WDW? ( they had aliases- I didn’t even recognize their real names haha!)


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