Pizza for breakfast?

So….later today I move to the dorms at USC- that is not home of the Gamecocks, instead its home of the Trojans… now get your heads out of the gutter- but seriously those names… I haven’t lived in a dorm since spring of 1993- definitely no AC or internet  (pretty sure the internet wasn’t invented yet) so I’m thinking it cant be that bad can it? I did get these cool new shower flip flops- see the smiley face holes in them- adorable!


Also got myself a single room and a cute bag to hold my shower stuff, so I think this will be fabulous! ( projecting positive thoughts is a strategy to alleviate anxiety- so says instagram)

I did just lie in bed making a mental list of snacks I may to run to the store and stock up on before I go…  is this is wise choice? Well my thoughts are: 1- stick to only eating at scheduled meal times with program. This is good. No snacks. Unless of course I find myself ravenous and then I go looking for anything like a vending machine or coffee shop, then crap, so maybe i should bring snacks. did you see when i switched to school of though #2 there?      I’ll keep you posted on my decision… cliffhanger!!

gonna miss my mornings cuddling to teenage mutant ninja turtle “out of the box” (creepy) videos on youtube w/LL ( my new nickname for him, so theres no confusion between louies with anyone- now that would be creepy- cuddling w Louie- the bro?! ugh)- I just need to know- how and why do people do this? for a living? (I’m back to youtube now) I don’t get it- people ( usually grown ups) take toys out of a box and describe them, then play with them? I’m worried about subliminal messages. Also side note, did you know you can pay for live youtube screenings of things ( like the Grateful Dead concert last night)? Youtube is pretty amazing- and I bet none of the guys who run it ever took cool summer classes like the one I start tonight .

Ok on that note, getting up w LL and making some breakfast. He’s just announced he wants pizza for breakfast- me too!



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