I got snacks

In case you were wondering on that cliff hanger… but they’re all good stuff-  so there. I love snacks and there was no way I was heading into the anxiety ridden adventure without something to make me feel better.

Made it through the Welcome Dinner and night #1 in the “freshman dorm”- its bigger than my apt in SD- and actually way nicer! USC is gorgeous! It reminds me of a combo of Disney- (their Hollywood Studios and their new builds in Disney Land) and an all inclusive resort! Went for a walk last night through most of the campus- the Olympic pool is next to my building, then the track, the sports complex is INSANE- the dining hall in the middle of it literally has resort style outdoor seating and 2 huge fire pits – making staycation deck look sad. Now I get why this school is so expensive. Erin, the Doctor of PT program  is 60,000+ for years 1 & 2- making Northeastern look like everyone’s favorite store Target ( said with a french accent, and yes Shelley, power to the people!)

SO the welcome dinner was uneventful, Mexican food- greasy and trite if you ask me but ah… haha just quoting one of my table mates actually, it was pretty tasty- and super yummy cupcake for dessert! ( see picture)  My table was full of the standards-

  • the jaded, too cool to be here, northern CA chick;
  • the recently back to teaching mom who transferred schools so she could be in her kids schools and “pop in” whenever she wanted to visit ( her colleagues must LOVE her);
  • a proud divorced Chicagoan mom of a recent college graduate;
  • a married to a doctor in med school Oklahoma grad student;
  • the shyest Alabama girl of around 22 who “doesn’t get all the SEC football hype”- (what?!);
  • and me: proud human to the cutest dog in America ( I didn’t say that out loud, but I DEFINITELY was thinking it).

Heading out to breakfast and a day of classes here on campus, SUPER excited ( to walk through the campus, again sooooooo pretty! – I don’t even need to take pictures, the campus looks exactly like the USC website – Maybe you will see me on my way to the library ( I asked someone for directions to the library, they asked me which one..) on the Tommy Cam (click on the underlined stuff mom, they are links)


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