wooden chairs are not actually comfortable

Wooden chairs that look like this are not comfortable:

( This is the actual chair!!)

Even if they have arms- leading one to think “Oh sweet! Swanky chairs! Yaaay!” Not. Not swanky. Too hard on the bottom. And this from a girl who has plenty of cushion. (Mom- don’t even THINK about sitting in one of these for longer than 2 minutes! yikes!)

So…..first day of class. See my view from the classroom up there? Gorgeous huh? Today’s topics were based on  3 groups of Native Americans, and then where/how we “get our information” about the early people living here and their interaction with Europeans as they came to the “New World”.

The lectures were actually pretty interesting, but the chairs- a problem.   Especially since, as you should know, I am not prone to sitting still… but for the record I only got up once when it wasn’t a scheduled break, so, woot!     Maybe tomorrow I will share some fun facts with you about stuff I learned today, because I have decided to share with you that I officially now have new standards for chairs to be labeled swanky:

1- must have arms ( always a requirement)

2- swiveling is optional ( used to be mandatory, not anymore)

3- must be comfortable- including cushions that are attached ( not extra pillows)

So, in deference to my ADD, I am not ashamed to admit that I have just spent the past 30-ish minutes researching pictures of various swanky chairs- for your pleasure of course.

there is cute swanky chair: cuteswank

royal swanky chair: royal swank

royal, but not practical, swanky chair: royalbutnotpracticalswank

oh! then there’s modern swanky chair: modern swank

leather swanky chair- probably for tall people only, though: leatherswank

also practical looking swanky chair: acceptableswankchair

Finally, I wanted to make you aware of the scary chair- its not swanky because it is not comfortable regardless of what it looks like! I’m calling it scary b/c look at that pillow on the bottom- see the curve?


Nope. Not comfy.

So there you have it friends: swanky vs not swanky chairs. Good first day of class!!

You’re welcome!


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