wampum anyone?

If you answered yes to this question then you SOOOO wish you were in class with me on Monday. Now for a mostly boring, but possibly educational, post ( sorry in advance)

The day included 2 lectures. The first lecture was titled “Medieval America” and was by a guy in a bow tie talking about 3 EARLY groups of Native Americans and their settlements. When he first mentioned their names he was speaking with kind of an old man mumble and i thought he may have been stroking out ” chocolate ho hos calm cokeyah!?” then I thought he was talking about food ( yes I had just eaten breakfast and yes food still on my mind) So anyway, have you ever heard of these people? Lived waaaaaaaay back in the olden days, before the more commonly known Cheyene, Navaho, Cherokee etc tribes. wandered this land.  Feel free to learn more by clicking on the web links, or read my notes about them if you are so inclined.  Chaco, Hohokam & Cahokia     – and yes, they sound pretty much like the food spellings above.

The next lecture was about the early interactions between Native Americans and Europeans – really just an overview- obviously it would take a whole semester to really get into it.  It included a convo about wampum (everyone’s favorite topic about Native Americans) and then a lively debate about Christopher Columbus- hero or villain? and does he deserve a day all his own?!!  Anyone have any opinion on this?

Today we went to Mission San Gabriel in – you guessed it- San Gabriel, CA. mission   inside.
It was a typical pretty and old Franciscan mission. Our guest lecturer ( a renown expert in the field )was sure to tell us that most items listed on their placards were historically incorrect b/c they are kept simply by members of the local parish and not by impartial historians using documented facts in their literature. Bummer.  I read all that stuff.  I love reading stuff in museums etc. Now I am going to question everything and damnit have to google everything. And I’m trying to lesson my use of technology ( says the girl writing an online BLOG rather than call and chat with friends and family- yikes!)
The mission also has a nice set of grape vines the priests have used to make the wine for their church.
And a display of old wine making equipment IMG_0424 (1) that looks awfully close to Gramps stuff (currently residing in our wine cellar at home).
I also learned about the controversy regarding the relationship between the Spanish missionaries and the Native Americans of the area- its still quite a hot topic today. Oh yeah, AND the Pope is going to canonize the founder of this mission, Junipero Serra on his trip to the Unites States (but not in California due to protests).
All in all two good days ended with win with a fun visit with the WCD tonight for dinner. LL shared with me that “Ryan was having a rough day today” as the little one shared his displeasure at being stopped at EVERY red light in a 10  miles stretch – and in California that amounted to around 20 sets of lights.  Smart kids- both of them! Luckily we have 16 + years to get #5’s road rage under control, and  for LL to fine tune his family skill of turning red lights to green by saying “green light! green light!” as we approach the red…
Gotta go. Binge watching Scandal on Netflix. Huck is freaking me out right now!!

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