I heart libraries!

Went to The Huntington today. It’s called THE Huntington b/c it’s not just a library, museum or set of gardens- it’s ALL THREE!


Exciting stuff, and it rekindled my love of libraries and reminded me of the day I decided I wanted to be a librarian during my freshman year of college. Immediately following the mandated library info class I rushed back to the dorm to tell my red headed friend from home (who joined me at good ole BSC) about my epiphany and of course I was mocked. Reason for said mocking:

“You talk too fast, too much and too loudly to be a librarian!”

What?! Ok so all of those descriptors do actually describe me, but so?!  So I then called my mom for validation. Her response, you ask?

“Debbie, you do know that you need to be quiet in a library right?”

So, that ended my career as a librarian. I did consider going for my masters in Library Science but by that time I was worried about having cats and crazy curly hair ( I was growing out a bad perm) so I moved to San Diego and got my “touchy feeling MBA” as my Dad called in – to the rest of the world, and MA in Leadership Studies ( I know, I know, it sounds exactly how my dad described it)

So anyway, that’s my story about how I was ALMOST a librarian. But I DO still love libraries and collect library cards from any that will give me one- so Yay! I did asked here at USC. They said no. I can just look at the books in the library. Boo.


Anyway, the place was gorgeous and it was a good day!

I will share about the cool history stuff on a boring day- here’s a hint- can you say drafts of the U.S. freaking Constitution?!!

In the meantime I have an episode of Scandal I need to finish before I go to sleep so G’nite all!


2 thoughts on “I heart libraries!

    1. OMG this is great Debbie just read all so caught up and waiting till tomorrow. Chairs hysterical! PS I too am watching Scandal on netflix this summer!

      Liked by 1 person

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