words are fun!

Today I have a day of lectures. I am on #3 of 4. I have left the wooden chairs, pulled a cozy chair from another classroom, comfychair( I’m a follower- a few others did this first) and I am now blogging in the back of the room. Its that boring. And I don’t even feel bad. We have a guest lecturer and she’s eh. Its probably not her fault, b/c honestly we have had great lectures so she has big shoes to fill. I feel bad now for teachers who have my students later in the day- after  they have my class- it must be such a letdown for the kids -they are probably off task and bored.  Also it probably doesn’t help that I stayed up until midnight watching freaking Scandal.

Ok so have I mentioned that today’s lectures are horribly boring? Like boring. I will say that at lunch we had an AMAZING hummus. So good that I am considering doing a page as an homage to hummus ( but I won’t right now, don’t worry).  Instead I’m going to share with you my vocab page that’s I’ve collected thus far in this class:

(click on the words for the ACTUAL definitions or history if you are so inclined)
dendochronolgy – counting tree rings to find the date of something- pretty cool it has its own name
cochineal  red insect dye. Used waaaaaay before Red Dye #40 here in North America, now making a comeback in natural products such as makeup and lipstick.
Metadata– all I can say about this is that I wouldn’t let my students write this definition- can’t use a word in its won definition of itself. This is definitely a made up word I don’t care what anyone says.


Vellum – ok I know what this is. I am pretty sure I used this in my Translucent! Transparent! Opaque! 5th grade project ( that I no longer have in its entirety b/c APPARENTLY it was taken apart to make my darling brothers’ project the following year, and then 5 years later again… – it was such a great stroll down memory lane to see an bunch of empty pieces of paper tied together with yarn and labels – of nothing- just saying)  so ANYWAY, I know what vellum is but one of our professors keeps going on about how the vellum copy off this and that “changed his life” literally- he is saying that EXACTLY. So I needed to research it. I don’t know, maybe he had a goat, or a cow? Or maybe he did a project in Mrs. Schena’s 5th grade class at Atkinson school and his is still intact hanging on his mother’s fridge? I’m going to have to ask him.

polymath – apparently this is a new buzz word meaning interdisciplinary. I’d call a polymathic person a Jack of All trades.
Codex (codices)– folding book things- look- they can be kind of pretty. super old- not a lot of actual writing, more images.codex
For those of you asking, yes I keep a vocab page in classes, and in my notes on my phone. I love words! ( obviously!)  I love the origins of words too- etymology. Some day, I will be a  talk show host with a weekly etymology segment. Can’t. Wait.

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