Nice Matters

Ok, so I admit that I was nervous to start this summer journey and by Sunday I was pretty much a wreck- Geeze I’m barely social at home in my comfort zone these days, and now to live among a bunch of strangers spending 10 hours a day with them?! What was I thinking (in the midst of 12 no 20 feet of snow in February) when I was applying away for these classes?

Well anyway, now that the first one is over, I can say that I’m glad I came. It was a good class, engaging, interesting (up to a point, but seriously not 3 hours on – oh my god now I cant even remember what yesterday morning’s lectures were on) even though I wasn’t so sure it would be. Our professors were nice guys: human, approachable,  passionate and actually funny- not stand up funny but had a sense of humor and were not stuffy or pious about their subjects as sometimes professors  can be. And the bow tie guy- totally reminded me of Grandpa Lynch aka Jack (minus the bow tie).historical me

I think the main reason I’m glad that I came is that I met a lot of nice people- I really don’t think there was anyone “mean” – maybe skeptical or cranky at times but those damn hard wooden chairs definitely brings out the cranky so I get it. There was nobody there I felt the need to avoid and I felt comfortable talking to everyone ( don’t mock me you mockers. I know what you are thinking- be NICE- that’s the point of this post- BEING NICE) everyone really was decent- again no righteousness or obnoxiousness, and while I can say that I didn’t come away with any new best friends… ( hell, they could have all been mocking me behind my back but I’m none the wiser so … ) and this was in no way shape or form a retreat, touchy feely ropes course, unity building or bonding class… really  it was a history class for teachers-… but I can say upon reflection that the class almost kind of restored my faith in humanity ( I say almost because I mean that is a pretty dramatic statement and its not like I have really lost my faith in humanity it just seems to fit what I am trying to say- so almost kind of should let you know all of that- did it?)     Anyway,  I’m now cautiously optimistic that the Colorado class will be the same way- if I can understand what the people are saying that is… ( I will post about this concern later- 1 word for now: profile)

Also side note- today’s class- me in the back of an overcrowded box of a room with no windows and the wrong contact prescription in my eyes- but look what we had…

last day chair

and see, I am writing a nice post.Anyone starting to see a correlation?

SO….5 important things I have learned from this week’s class

1- There were 3 written DRAFTS OF THE CONSTITUTION ( at least)- more on this in an upcoming blog… hyping that one up to keep you coming back for more

2- Being an effective teacher means not only being knowledgable, but having the skill to reach your audience, and not taking yourself too seriously

3- Not all signs you read in museums are factual – (but I did an audio tour of the Huntington Museum House and I’m pretty sure that was all true!)

4- Be nice. It makes life pleasant. the world can be ugly, why add to it? nice matters.

5- Comfortable chairs help to make people nice- or at least to keep nice people nice.

Happy that I get to spend the 4th of July with Amber and the boys tomorrow! West Coast Pancake breakfast in the morning ! Can’t wait!!

Gotta go- into season 3 finally of Scandal!


2 thoughts on “Nice Matters

  1. I think my original comment vanished. So, I am loving this every morning! And you may not realize it but you are a teensy bit obsessed with chairs. Two different ‘comfy’ chairs switched out in your room, a lot of conversation about a recliner in the living room and those heated seats in your car!!!
    I am going to be ‘nice’ all day and sit in a comfy chair on the deck, charred hot dog in hand!
    Happy pancake breakfast and Happy Fourth!

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  2. Happy 4th! I’m going to be extra nice to everyone today just for you.

    Also I agree 100% on the chairs. A decent seat makes a world of difference.

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