It’s the 4th of July! The day we celebrate our independence from those damn Brits! I couldn’t agree more! DOI

Hope you all had fun!  And also that you can explain to me why ‘Merica? Really? Are we so lazy we can’t add THE FIRST LETTER OF THE WORD? ( this coming from a VERY lazy person) I mean come on, technically we are the United States of America- so we’ve already shortened the name to USA or America (implying that we are one with all the great nations of the North and South American continents) but really… Minus 1 letter? Odd. That’s like minus 1 finger, or foot or cup of coffee in the morning. Seriously. Or should I say I’m erious ?
I’ll leave you with scenes from my day out in LA with the WCDs minus Greg (somebody from the family needs to celebrate with a pancake breakfast!!)

2 thoughts on “Merica!

  1. So glad the pancake breakfast tradition didn’t skip a beat. Rained here all day but we enjoyed the fourth anyway. Hot dogs and apple pie! Dino is one! Happy Birthday!

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