Rainy Denver

Day 1 of class here in Denver. It has been raining all day here but that’s ok b/c my classroom is a box with no windows. Also I am going to try to refrain talking about the chairs and the classroom b/c they both stink and I have 3 more weeks in them. Otherwise so far the class is good 🙂

Also, things to note after being in Denver for 24 hours:

1- I am still able to breathe in this exceptionally thin air, but my head feels kind of like I’m on a plane, or has some sinus pressure- BUT I WILL PERSEVERE. Actually, doesn’t really hurt just feels a little off.

2-I have only locked my keycard in my room 1 time.


I think someone should run a book on how many times this will happen. Someones gonna get rich! Who’s gonna run it? Mom? Ginny?

3-I have walked 3 flights of stairs then 4 flights ( ok so 7 flights total) 4 times today. So I really am climbing the Rockies. I’m a mountain climber.

So I’ll leave you with this…  the guy who wrote this (as about 1/4 of his intro Bio):

“For the past three years, I have been working among a large ESOL population, one of the growing and  defining elements of the Atlanta area’s characteristically Balkanized public-education milieu*. I find some of the more recent trends in global history very useful when it comes to rethinking inter- and transnational connections in a way that speaks to a broader, fact-driven agenda that takes into account the alterations that have occurred in our conceptualization of global history post-1989.”

during introductions at the welcome dinner says ” I’ve been camping for the past 3 weeks and have been driving for 17 hours so I don’t really have anything to say”


*Also, I had to look up milieu b/c I didn’t understand the sentence. I still don’t get the Balkanized part, but not so sure I’m going to be asking either…

ps- tomorrow- Tour of the library AND a lecture by hot professor. He sat next to me in class today! Swoon! Its gonna be a GREAT DAY!


4 thoughts on “Rainy Denver

  1. Here is an idea:
    Lose the key card (you will anyway) and find the hot professor to help you get a new key card! 🙂
    PS if I have to ask someone on a date so do you! Ready! Set! Let’s do it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m all caught up…love this!
    Hot professor makes uncomfortable chairs bearable…for a little bit.
    Wordy dude….nothing to say? Really!? Loser.
    And…glad YOU understand the importance of SEC football….geesh.
    See you soon!

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