live blog of my trip to the Rockies- the baseball team people- not the mountains. I think I’m technically in the Rockies already!!

So, on the “light rail” right now.

And THAT ladies and ladies is the Union Pacific Railroad! Little bit of history for ya! (Sorry can’t imbed the link here so I’ll fix the history later)


look- escalator to get to the top level!
K at the game now… In the mile high seats! Exactly! The purple row of seats around the stadium is officially One mile above sea level…

OK the game is going well, we are 5 seats from the top- pretty cool… the clouds look amazing- like a painting… probably b/c we are so close to them!!

also note stadium is half empty?!

obligatory beer picture for ball game ( I ate the hot god. imagine it- with ketchup- it was good)


gorgeous clouds!!!IMG_0742

and sunset…


jus took that from the top row- I am now more than a mile high in the sky!!! so cool!

So…….. see the dark clouds in a few of the pictures….

ok so then this happened…


I took that from the landing we moved to due to the crazy lightening (oddly, they didn’t make us move)

and then we left- the game was in the 8th inning and we figured the fireworks were going to be cancelled as it started to rain and thunder and literally lightening was EVERYWHERE- and could I get a picture? Nope.

Funny thing was all the Denver people seems unfazed by this event- and there wasn’t a rush to leave the park as my little group did.  We got back on the light rail, totally soaked walking back to the dorm and here I am 10 of 11 pm on a Friday night- THAT’S SIGNIFICANTLY LATER THAN 9PM… just saying Kerry 🙂

SO there you have it, live blog of baseball stadium/game Friday night- so pretty- and by the stadium was was finally full by around the 6th inning…

Tomorrow- Red Rocks! I am pretty sure the rocks WILL BE RED



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