Red freaking Rocks!

They are actually red! Crazy. And true!

so…. went to Red Rocks today for a visit to the trails… can you tell which of these pictures was taken last?

IMG_0050 IMG_0040


Just putting it out there that this was an AMAZING place, I hiked for about 2 miles- at an insane elevation ( blah blah here are the stats on the park) and while I didn’t see John Tesh live, I did see his picture etc…

The-lion-king-pride-rock-rafiki-simba-1also don’t think I didn’t sing and think of this scene on multiple occasions today… and of course humming this song the entire day!

IMG_0841check out that amazing sun beam!!


but seriously, I couldn’t snap a bad picture here, it was so pretty and I cant believe I actually enjoyed being out in the crazy heat  hiking.



IMG_1037 this is at the top of the amphitheater!IMG_0788 and this was the view from the top… see that line of people below? they were a drill or reserve team and they were running the stairs, repeatedly…

here’s how I feel about that:


Good Times!


9 thoughts on “Red freaking Rocks!

  1. Beer…lightning…up past 10pm…hiking….you’re going to be exhausted!
    Fantastic pictures…fantastic adventures! Yay you!


  2. Kinda reminds me of big thunder mountain.

    Remember when mom cried in line for the ride and then wouldn’t get on? We’re a mean family sometimes.


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