please move your Jaw when speaking!

Why are there people who do not do this? Also the same girl in my class who doesn’t do this moves only the bottom part of her arms- its like the top half of her arms down to her elbow are stuck to her side, so when she talks its all lips and weird wrist movements. Eeeew. And very annoying.

I so badly wanted to video her today in class, I can’t figure out how to do it without getting caught though, so its probably not going to happen. Sorry I can’t share that visual with you- but again, its annoying so you probably would just get annoyed watching it so, you’re welcome!  I’m just saying that even puppets and robots move these joints- I have been looking for pictures or diagrams to show you what I am talking about but look- well click on those links trust me you will see what I mean.

SO class today- I am going to admit that at least 1 hour I had NO IDEA what ANYONE was talking about- but it’s not really my fault … Ok, well, there was some crazy psycho babble that included things like “the amalgamation  of concubinage in purdah” so I had to stop and look up ALL of those words and here is how that went down:

  1. First I looked up  concubinage and when I realized that it was  was not what I thought it was- I thought it was prostitution- its not!!! I was sooo glad I looked that up b/c that changes everything.
  2. Next I moved on and Purdah took me multiple tries b/c I was spelling it imperdah b/c they said “in perdah”(damn fast talkers)- so I asked the guy next to me and he DEFINITELY rolled his eyes in his head at me and spelled it purda and haha he was wrong too… and yes I pointed that out to him!!!
  3. Finally I looked up amalgamation and was like “ok, I think I have heard that before”… and I could have sworn it was in a Harry Potter book so I googled that for was probably a good 15ish minutes and couldn’t find it.  Erin, Shelley- help out a cousin will ya?

And then I realized that I was completely lost and had no idea what anyone was talking about in class. SO I texted my mom for a while- thanks for the chat Mom 🙂 Love you!

And that brought me to about 10ish- wait just checked my phone for the last text time- 9:52 am. Awesome! Class starts at 9:00 am on the dot… so I guess I was only lost for less than an hour- because then the jointless chick said  “The Ottoman Empire was a whole lotta awesomeness”- yep that’s a direct quote and no she doesn’t appear to have any physical or mental disabilities people, I’m not mean- or really mean anyway-  but thankfully she said that b/c I was like “YEAH!”  and I figured out what we were talking about again. Until I realized that she wasn’t moving her jaw. Or her arms…

Your tax $$ hard at work here people.

ps- this is my favorite video about robots. Watch it. Its only 2 minutes. You will thank me later!


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