Homework shmomework


In the quiet room of the Academic Commons (library) this afternoon. Reading and having to watch a 90 minute video. Figured if I went back to my room I’d fall asleep…


and there’s a pretty good view of outside… notice the clouds though? they come in every afternoon- sometimes rain sometimes  no rain… its strange but pretty- it was beautiful blue skies earlier today! ( the top picture is  the panorama view from my cozy seat in the middle of the window area)

So anyway, I decide to check out the movie I need to watch- I look at the directions tell me that I need to find : Hallmark The Wedding Song on youtube. YES!!!

And then I google it and … Yes Yes!

I click and end up on Youtube …

and I am ready for a party!

I LOOOOOOVE HALLMARK MOVIES! I have a TIVO Box FULL of them as we speak! I LOVE THE HALLMARK CHANNEL!   I was like “Oh great! I probably already have this one saved and now I can delete it to make room for more remote Hallmark recordings!” I ran downstairs to the coffeeshop, got myself a smoothie, got settled in the cozy chair, put my feet up, and clicked play.

Hello, have you read the title of this blog? How you do think this is going to end?

Yep. Not THAT hallmark. I’m not sure why it even has the word Hallmark there, because believe me, this was not your typical girl meets boy- girl and boy cant stand each other- girl and boy fall madly in love and sing a Wedding song- movie.


It was in French.

And had subtitles.

And was about Nazi occupied Tunisia during WWII as the Allied forces were bombing and attacking North Africa.

I supposed I should have known better. But after 100s of pages of reading, a girl can dream right?

2 thumbs down from me on this one.


3 thoughts on “Homework shmomework

  1. You make me laugh hysterically. I can see it all as clear as day. Feet up, smoothie in hand, chair leaning back as far as possible. The only thing missing is your gray, fluffy robe. Oh, and Daisy in your lap! And then NO Lifetime/Hallmark channel (cannot possibly have anything but a happy ending) movie! Very sad indeed.


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