It’s Hump Day!

In more than one way….1- its the middle of the week. and 2 its the middle of this class. 3. its the middle of all of my classes this summer.  So, in order to celebrate, I had fish tacos and a beer, and am about to tackle some fro-yo I pilfered from the cafeteria at lunch like a destitute college student.

So, I am now 2.5 weeks into 5 weeks of classes ( between the 2 programs)- the midway point is a good time to reflect and regroup- you know, “assess”. This is technically formative assessment, with a little summative in there already, because I am just THAT intuitive I am sure I got some of this stuff down.

1- So far ( formative) the class topic is a little slanted/ not as advertised. I have learned I need to be clear in my goals as a teacher to the kids

2- Sitting all day sucks. This isn’t going to change so its Summative. At first I was like, “well my kids are only in their seats for 40 minutes,” but ACTUALLY, No they are not, they are in their seats for at least 40×5 a day- sometimes more. Poor kids. 😦  I don’t just sympathize with them, I empathize with their butts, their brains, their annoyance.  (I also just clarified the difference for myself so another victory!) I will need to do something to change that in my classes effective Sept 1 2015!

3- I dunno. I will get back to this list later, I need to go get my sheets out of the dryer!! MOM! I MISS YOU  SO MUCH!! ( it NEVER gets old!)

Ok I am back, but I have lost my train of thought, so I will leave you with this note.

During the school year, Wednesday is my funny day. I’m not sure how that happened, but its just generally true. Ask anyone- Even mom: she sees me after school. The humor just spills out of me- I can’t contain myself. Unfortunately, here, in Denver,  nobody has gotten a chance to experience my funny sense of humor. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t get it. Over their heads. But I did crack myself up a few times today so yay! I am already celebrating with the fro-yo!

Also, I just googled as I was looking for pictures of something appropriate to add to today’s mostly boring blog.

I hit the motherload with this one:


 Click on the picture! its got great stuff!!!!

Baaahahahaaaaaaaa, so my Wednesday funny is still there! Even here in the Rocky Mountains! I thank John Denver for this.


3 thoughts on “It’s Hump Day!

  1. That’s an awesome idea to get the students up an moving! You won’t even have to bribe them by making it extra credit!


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