Rocky Mountain HIGH!

NO, not THAT high! Do you even know me at all?

Imagine me humming John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High– for about 14 hours today.

Now recognize that Kris has listened to me hum it all day- AND never once mocked or complained. That’s true friendship folks.

Ok so today we ventured about 25 minutes into Aspen, drove through some amazing scenery & valleys, over,  beside (and almost in) a couple of rivers,


found parking in downtown Aspen (trust me, no easy feat on a Saturday in the summer)


took a 2.5 mile high/20 minute gondola ride to the top of Aspen Mountain,



and had lunch in the clouds at the top..


on The Sundeck

IMG_5468     ironic huh?

Saw a quaint little mountain town we are staying just outside of called Carbondale and drove through a gorgeous ranch in the “hills”


Tomorrow, brunching at the club just across the way, then the beautiful/treacherous journey back to Denver to put Kris on a plane 😦 and so I can return to the U and the Ottomans. But for now, nothing but relaxation and being Rocky Mountain High!



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