Sunday Funday

Started with a LOVELY brunch with our hosts and this amazing view of Mt. Sopris:


while swanking it up in this swanky chairIMG_1530

( yes, this fit my new standards of swank, click here if you don’t know what I’m referencing and you can get caught up)

and sadly left my new friends the Alldredges and their adorable and beautiful home


Then spent the rest of the day in the car driving. Driving, driving, driving back to the city of Denver, and what a drive it was!

Glenwood Canyon ( honestly, its like driving through the Grand Canyon- its amazing!):

 IMG_1534             IMG_1533 copy


and a LOT of tunnels- here are a few :

IMG_1612        IMG_1619

and valleys                  IMG_1584 copy

& somewhere around here:  IMG_1546 copy

I got pretty car sick.

Good Times!  6 hours, and a LOT of traffic, but  it could have been worse ( click that) as of course K& I chatted it up the entire time! An AMAZINGLY beautiful drive in the daylight since we could now see the canyon on return trip-  just the whole ride is breathtaking – and nauseating at times 🙂

Dropped Kris at the airport and will see her again in less than a week when I move my travels to the farm! Woot!

And tomorrow, damn you Monday,  is MY LAST MONDAY GET UP OF THE SUMMER! August 31 eat your heart out!

Just saying.

Living the dream and appreciating every minute of it!


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