being a student

well, its a struggle….

(and right now I hate all those students in that picture with their hands up- SO ANNOYING!)

I am not feeling super smart in this class, and that’s ok, I kind of expected it after reading all those bios.

And besides, I’m smart in other stuff! (right?)

Also, I am so glad my ADD kicked in hardcore as an adult- otherwise I don’t think I would have ever graduated- from anywhere!

Case in point: I have changed my “project” topic 3 times, the scope 4 times, the format 3 times- and currently have no clue what I will actually be presenting on Friday morning at 9:30 am… But  I AM writing my blog! Amazing how I can prioritize huh? Well, I do admit that I decided to have a working dinner tonight…


Damn I love fish tacos!

Went for a change of scenery- after getting my nails done… but I digress…. I did go and get a lot of “work” done, and then changed my mind and did more work, then went to the coffee shop and had tea, and then started again back on my first idea….  ARGH!!!!!!!!

I can SO relate to the kids who just aren’t interested or care about the topic…

I think that’ll be my 7th grade goal this year 🙂 get them vested. Now I only have 4 other classes to set goals for! Right now I’m going for… everyone learns something! (new schedule for me)

2 days of class left. Tomorrow people start presenting their projects.




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