Terrific Tuesday!

In comparison to yesterday’s Monday… its a winner!


Took a great walk in downtown Denver,  around the beautiful Civic Center Park (above, you are looking at the Denver Courthouse)  on my way to the Denver Art museum for class today- lecture on Colonial Spanish art & architecture then docent tour of the Blooms exhibit– our docent has been there for 37 years- she knows EVERYTHING, and even made a painting of a flower in a vase so interesting- it was fabulous, I wish I could have put her in my pocket and take her with me throughout the museum and the rest of Denver today! I love people like her, she was full of knowledge, answered any question with kindness and ( even if it was dumb… just saying) and she knew what info to share that we would find interesting and funny- yet it was relevant (art about flowers was the topic). She used to be an elementary school teacher she told us- I would have KILLED to be in that class I think! Oh and then food trucks for lunch! ( I deleted my fitness pal app from my phone for today)

After that, my LONG AWAITED BUCKET LIST VISIT TO THE U.S. MINT! So cool. Also annoying that no pics were allowed inside, but I did get a before

and after

oooh and these pennies/ blanks:


and THESE puppies:

( I couldn’t resist! they look so cozy actually!)

After that, walked through Joe Biden’s entourage at a downtown Hotel,

and had a couple of yummy drinks to celebrate!

But I’m wondering… why do the name of the drinks I love have to be embarrassing? Ugh! I mean I know its a beer house but if you want to shame me into a non-beer drink why wouldn’t you just not offer way yummy drinks? Can you guess the name of this (vodka-free) one?

So anyway,  when I left, Joe Biden was just leaving this hotel. Sooooooo big display of the entourage leaving- I got a fun video but can’t put it here b/c I’m on the cheap ( aka free) version of wordpress website and so I put the video on my instagram account if you are so inclined.

Oh yeah: 1 more thing.

I also had THIS to celebrate ( bc they were playing 80s songs that I was jamming to- god bless Bryan Adams and Sting 🙂






and now I need to put myfitnesspal app BACK on my phone!


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