last day of summer school

and I am actually writing this blog IN CLASS!

So, I just watched a 20 minute presentation by a teacher on rugs. I think. I can’t even tell what the heck tit was about. And I wish I was exaggerating. Now we have a guy reading us a – manifesto?something?- he said he “doesn’t believe in lesson plans” and therefore wrote something he will read to us, he will take 5 minutes. ok- he just said he would conceptualize something…. aaaaand, I’m out. ( This is the guy who’s bio I actually didn’t understand. Like, really dude, I don’t get it.

SO, lessons learned from this class

1- comfy chairs are key ( its ongoing learning) or at least no hard wooden chairs- see how happy we are?


– these are decent, not super padded but the best we have had as far as class chairs go:


2- do not read anything out loud to your students- EVER- if you want them to pay attention or stay awake

3- never count the Ottomans out

4- do not give students access to internet in class if you would like to educate them.


Also, finally today we got a lot of cool teaching sites and resources from our peers ( which is cool but ridiculous that the last day in three week program is the only day we talk about such things… just saying) I am psyched to try a lot of them out. I will be practicing… maybe on you- as the summer progresses so yay!

Tomorrow, off to Minnesota and the farm.




I even tried to change my ticket to get out of here tonight, $900 fee- so No.

Anyway, looking forward to see my farm family (FF) the Christophersons, then back to the WCD family and some beach time and Disneyland!!

I’d like to say that NOW my summer is beginning, and in a way it is since I’m done with school… but I know I’ve been lucky to be out here and at USC to experience so many cool things.

Tonight, laundry ( ugh!) packing up and hopefully a nice burger/meal & beer in my “Norm” bar!  Of course I will leave the city with my favorite foods in my belly!

Posting one of my favorite pictures from this 3 week period-ranch up in the Rocky Mountains- just so freaking pretty! I took it with the wind up though- ugh!- and you can see my phone reflection! Anyone know how to fix that?

Denver’s been good to me, especially since I am now used to moving around in 1/2 the oxygen (yes, it feels like 1/2 so I am going with that scientific estimate) so I should be like the bionic woman- no Wonder Woman ( remember those underoos Lauren had?) – when I get back to sea level!


So, can you tell how much time I am spending on editing this blog while in class?…

lesson #4 PROVEN


2 thoughts on “last day of summer school

  1. I also had Wonder Woman Underoos. I loved them so much I kept trying to wear them out of the house without putting on clothes over them. My Mom and Nana wouldn’t let me and I didn’t understand why until I was, like, 18, and realized I was trying to go out of the house wearing just underwear. Seriously.

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