First this:


Faaaaaaabulous- slept until almost 8am! and an A-MAZE-ING sleep it was!

Then,  got out of bed, grabbed some coffee and went back to bed!


I walked back into “my room” with my FF and  here’s what I see:IMG_2002


It really was a great night’s sleep, and apparently I really enjoyed all the space in that bed! Seriously, how did we sleep in those beds in college? No wonder we needed to drink so much I would struggle to stay awake in class so often!

So anyway, great day of relaxing… yummy brunch with HOMEMADE Eggs Benedict to celebrate Ryan’s birthday and then a day of hanging at the homefront. Nice walk… look at this scenery:



Not one mountain that I’ve gotten used to looking at for the past few weeks,

yet still SOOOOO beautiful and peaceful!

Spent more time relaxing and lounging on the patio,

Quinn REALLY has this Sunday relaxing down after our walk:


Man…. life sure is good here on the farm!

(doesn’t that even sound farmer-ish?)


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