Seriously, Monday?

SO… That relaxing Sunday of yesterday, paved the way for today.

Woken up by the sun streaming through my windows! How lovely.

At 6:10 am. At least there aren’t roosters on this here farm.

And I got to drive today- woot!  And supervise a 15 year old student driver- Yikes. That was a good cardio workout for me! NO NEEF for me to walk, exercise or do anything else strenuous- maybe ever again. If you know me, ( wait you ALL know me, that’s the only reason you are reading this) then you know my neurosis about other people driving me, thus you know that I deserve a freaking NOBEL PRIZE for that!

So….I have been dying to try a cute Embroidery kit  that I saw in Target this spring. Thought it would be so relaxing, so I told myself I would get one to do once I was done with my summer classes. Finally, I found myself Saturday at Target ( annual pilgrimage on the way from airport to farm) and they were out of the kits. “That’s ok!” I said, “I’ll get a coloring book for now.” I saw someone with one of these on the plane and I was immediately obsessed:

IMG_1978 copy Oooooh so nice.  and Zenlike.

Except that I’m kinda freaking out a little about what color schemes/what colors I should choose for each spot.IMG_1983 copy

I decided that from now on I will blindly pull colors out of the box to keep in a zen-like state of anticipation. (?)

Kinda wish it was color by number… remember these?cbno

Cute bird huh? Maybe I can print some out here before I leave.

Anyway Monday…. today, in my “drive” around the fields of corn and beans, we hit up a Walmart ( scary, I know). I excitedly went to the craft section in order to find an embroidery kit, but apparently out here in farmland people are SERIOUS about their embroidery and this Walmart doesn’t stock ready made kits for beginners. There are no beginner crafters in Minnesota. They are born crafty here.

HOWEVER, I did find a punch needle kit for this cute little (5″x7″) sign:pnkit

Very quaint. And its supposed to be super easy for beginners. Yep. You heard it: supposed to be.


Just threading the darn needle using the “enclosed threader” took me 2 youtube videos, and about an hour.  That doesn’t include the time I had to take to SEPARATE THE STRANDS OF THREAD into 6 separate pieces!!!!

Seriously, I made a few cheesy classy  sassy hook rugs in my youth, so I figured that this would be similar in mindless ease. Kinda like color by number right?

I was wrong.

I finally admitted to myself that I was wrong when Ellie, the 9 year old I’m visiting, pointed out that it would probably be easier if I did X, Y & Z. But, I protested loudly:  I FOLLOWED THE DIRECTIONS!

And here is what I have now- after around 4 hours of work:

front:                                                                             back:
                        IMG_2053                   IMG_2054

Yes. I finished ONE E. That’s 1 E folders. That is an E !

NOT. RELAXING. (in case you were wondering)

Thank goodness I had that relaxing Sunday to lower my heart rate so that today I am still breathing. Oh and I guess thank Denver’s thin air too for helping that situation.

I’m still sticking with my not-a-fan-of-Mondays-trend.

ps- almost forgot- I did a SUPERFUN role play video with Kris for one of her class final projects today ( thanks for the memories Kris! xoxo) I needed intervention for some POSSIBLE substance abuse issues. Well, not me, my “character”.  When the professor watches the video she’ll see the posted day- Monday- and probably think to herself, “maybe not a skit…”


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