My version of the Grown Up Dinner.

This is yet one of many reason why being a grown up is cool. I can eat what I want, when I want it, in ANY ORDER I want.

Dinner tonight BEGAN with a test of dessert:

IMG_2157      Pretty good cobbler- if I do say so myself.

Then picking at some:

 IMG_2160 copy,             IMG_2153 ,        IMG_2154 &

then   IMG_2158,   IMG_2155


aaaaaaaand sweet corn fresh off the husk! ( favorite veggie ever!)

washed down withIMG_2159

oh and then some more IMG_2157 copy

and never more than 1 item on my plate at a time!

ABSOLUTELY my favorite way to eat!!! Woot!

ps- today’s progress:      IMG_5536       IMG_8974

yep. I added PART of the letter S. UGH! Then broke the stupid needle threader.

Who knows if I will ever get this thing done?!


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