travel day blues


All packed up, decent sleep last night. Got up with alarm, no picked up suitcase – and forgot to zip it- (this is the second time I did this… I did this in LA on my way to Denver)

Nice 2.5 hour family drive to the airport, as my FF is heading to Alabama ( good luck) for a family trip. The teeny boppers were passed out in the way back, Ellie & I chatted about the HP books and Ryan periodically called me Deborah Anne to annoy me- out of love of course. I was sad to leave my ff, but will see the girls again in Sept for the T Swift concert so it made leaving everyone easier.

Now the fun ( not really) part began after we stopped at the super nice, “top rated” ( hahaha Kris) gas station on the way to the city… (they get ranked along the route)  Backpack at my feet, and about 3/4 of the way there I realized there was a coffee mug with a small amount of coffee left that spilled and my backpack was sitting in it… woot. spent last 1/4 mopping it up and my backpack and everything in it currently still reeks of stale coffee… joy. All the while my stomach was staring to churn.

By the time i got to he airport I knew I was car sick again, about 30 mins later-  puked my brains out in the airport bathroom- eew just thinking about it is killing me so enough of that.

FINALLY feeling better, now- on the plane- of course my seat on plane doesn’t recline b/c its THE ROW IN FRONT OF THE BATHROOM…

I did, however, swap for the window seat instead of the aisle so I at least slept for about 30 minutes when we first got on the plane.

Things were looking up. Got a girl, probably around 10, in the middle seat, so I have decent space


 some swanky technology    IMG_2472

and I had some ginger-ale and saltines, alright… feeling good. Thinking maybe even some saltine yummies would be good right now.

Then dumped my cup full of ice under my feet- that’s ok,I kicked it all behind me and it will hopefully melt in the rug UNDER my seat. Or, right under my backpack.

And while digging my iPad out of said backpack, dropped my shirt  ( the long sleeve plaid one that I LOVE ) behind my seat- like WAY DOWN BEHIND MY SEAT….ugh. i am not sure if I will be able to retrieve it. I will take a picture of it when I can.


(update: Yeah. There is no return for this shirt, I had to leave it behind. Boo)

In the meantime, I am now watching The Goldbergs. I do not know why don’t watch this every week. It just slays me. This episode Big Baby Ball is absolutely the funniest episode I have ever watched. Maybe in the History of television. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ITS ENDING WITH THE SONG “THE WARRIOR”  AND THEN BARRY DOES THE ROBOT DANCE!

Yes, those caps were absolutely deserved!

So, it looks like my day is getting better? Don’t want to jinx myself b/c I AM on a plane- just saying.

Ok, so now the update – a week later. The day did not get better. I puked 1 more  time when I got OFF the plane, this was me sitting on the curb waiting to get picked up…. IMG_2477

 got to the WCD, slept for another hour, didn’t really get to cuddle with either boy b/c I was worried I had a stomach bug – which apparently I did not, my body was just rejecting travel, haha- and missed the Thursday night pier concert and went to bed at 7 instead. felt much better when I woke up so Yaayyy!


2 thoughts on “travel day blues

  1. Coffee….on behalf of Ry, so sorry.
    Sickness….ummm, why didn’t you say anything? We could have switched seats or something. 😞
    We miss you!


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