Ok, so here’s how the rest of the week has been- things I would have wrote about if I hadn’t fallen dead to sleep the minute i climbed into bed each day ( seriously, keeping up with a  3 year old is not as easy as it seems)

Friday-  being greeted by said 3 year with a “Good Moooorning Debbie” and the best hug ever was a great way to realize I was still alive.  Ate a lot of toast ( top 5 favorite food) and some pb. Thought about going on a walk. Went to Louie’s Swim With Bill review lesson

IMG_2482     where I “met” Jesse Spano ( aka Elizabeth Berkley) and Amber became BBFLs with her- she even introduced herself to Amber as we walked out “I’m Elizabeth” she sweetly said, and Amber’s response;”I know who you are” HAHAHAHAAAAA it was all I could do to not burst out laughing out lout ( lol-ing, mom, that’s not lots of love, just saying). Anyway Amber did then introduce herself, dot worry, so maybe they will rekindle their BFFL-ness at a swim date in the future. Keep us posted please Amber! Ps- Elizabeth was super nice AND super beautiful in real life! That was nice!!! Oh also, Elizabeth knows how to swim… she was there with her adorable son! Just saying.

Saturday- We went to Amazing John’s for a birthday party, in which Greg carried on the family male-brain-freeze tradition, I do have picture of it for posterity, but not sharing… so just imagine Greg- holding his face. Then Amber’s true love for big sun glasses was revealed     

IMG_2543 she was SOOOOOO HAPPY in them! There is NOTHING staged about that smile!

Later,  I DID actually go for a walk, then I had a great date night with the boys.  Hung out with this little guy outside, IMG_2490      then played lightsaber wars with LL (you know that is not LL Cool-J right? I think I mentioned this in a previous post) – found a great soundtrack for sound effects (click, its cool, and notice its only 2minutes and 24 seconds long.) Yeah, I am getting Aunt of the Year award. For reals.

Sunday &  Monday– Annual pilgrimage visit to the Mouse.


Love the Disneyland Hotel and spending time with the WCDs here!

IMG_2582 Don’t worry, I stayed hydrated.

 IMG_2806 IMG_2832

visited my favorite Disney Spot EVER: Carsland!!

Also, obligatory character hat, ice cream IMG_2862 , 3-D glasses IMG_2864 character hugs IMG_2691

and visits IMG_2672

relaxing (in restaurant sling)… IMG_2683

and cool cake sculptures: IMG_2727


Tuesday– R&R return and recuperate, AFTER a few hours at the Hotel pool, that is.  Seriously a whole day to recover from 2 at the parks… its craziness, and needed. I didn’t officially go for any walks BUT check out my step count on Monday night – and this was before we left the park:



Today, Wednesday: catching up on the blog. (What? Its an all day event catching up on a week.) And more awesome Aunty-ness that included watching this trailer (and having it narrated by LL- so funny, I need to record him ) about million times.

Oh, and I did exercise too… more on that another day 🙂



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