Owls, Babies & Crickets! Oh My!

Pretty much sums up my day today.

ok….Owls: So, I decided to hit the craft store and get a punch needle threader. 6.4 miles and 30 mins of LA traffic later… They got nothin. Lady at Michael’s swears she’s never even heard of what I am describing, so I pull it up on my phone. Still nothing on Michael’s site so I have to believe her.    BUT, I pulled it up on Amazon just to show her I wasn’t nuts. She then sent me to the kits section…. which happens to be in the kids crafts section.

SO here is what I felt compelled to buy in order to fulfill this creative craving I am having:

91lCgIw5hYL._SY450_Don’t mock. In 30 minutes here is what I have accomplished:


YES!!! I will have this sucker done tomorrow and LL can have it as a precious gift from his favorite Aunt! Woot! hahah Woot Woot! My favorite expression AND that of the OWL! Hahaaaaa cracking myself up! Didn’t even do that on purpose!!

Next, Babies:  Went to the “Twilight Concert Series at Santa Monica Pier tonight w the WCD and Davey & some other friends met us. The boys entertained us all night with their cuteness:

IMG_2941 ( ps-This guy started rolling over today!)

and the party dancer IMG_3006.

SO fun! Love going down to the beach and sitting in the sand listening to weird dj’s and maybe a band or 2, its not really about the music, its just about the chill factor. Love it.

Finally, Crickets.

DID YOU KNOW ITS BAD LUCK TO KILL A CRICKET IN YOUR HOUSE? or that its Good Luck to have one living in your house that chirps? I knew NONE of this until about an hour ago. And no, it has nothing to do with this guy being all kind and considerate and acting as your conscience.


SO, last night I was hanging out on the floor with #5, and all of a sudden a cricket came bounding by. I jumped up, grabbed a paper towel, dropped it on top of the cricket to grab it, and then he hopped away… and I might have yelped a little when he did this. So, I lost him in the living room. I was looking for him and Greg said to me, “He found a way in, he will find the same way out.” So ok, I let it go. Fast forward to tonight….. we walk in from the concert, and all we can hear is super loud cricket, cricketing away. I turn the lights on, and he stops. I turn them back off, he starts again. Ugh. I head to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I come out, and Amber is on the floor under the TV, Greg hovering above her giving her advice on how to catch it, and she’s going on about how she can’t kill it b/c she read a story when she was a kid about how its bad luck. Greg Grabs her a cup, and miraculously, SHE CAUGHT IT!

IMG_6846 And that’s as close to it as we got. Greg took the picture then snagged some paper for Amber to slide underneath and voila! Cricket saved and returned to the wilderness of the WCD back yard!  Also,  I remained totally calm, I can’t say the same for my brother (just being honest). However my curiosity about the whole bad-luck-to-kill-a-cricket thing was peaked, so of course… GOOGLE. I tried a few search options to get to the bottom of this,  and they were all kind of crazy and scary and right now I am just thinking damn, I’ve been listening to crickets chirping on my phone at night for a good chunk of the summer to drown out noise in dorms etc… I love the sound of crickets. I kind  of wish I never googled them. All those pictures and folklore have freaked me out. Gotta go watch me some Jiminy now… and wish upon some stars.


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