Twinkle Twinkle

seriously…. there must be subliminal messages in this video ( click picture for song/video)


The newborn, and the 3 year old literally stop EVERYTHING for this video. LL was actually sleeping- and started singing this when he heard it.

When he’s awake he likes to narrates.

That guy is upside down! 

Now his friend is leaving him and he’s really sad.

Then someone- of the grown up persuasion- has to tell him

No, he will see his friend tomorrow! They’re just going home to to go sleep now.

(sometimes also getting into the idea that stars and owls play at night and sleep during the day)

Meanwhile, #5 starts crying b/c its just so sad that the friends are splitting up. SO, its rewind and play again….

I’ll tell you- Its a dream in the car- usually 🙂 And once upon a time with LL we would literally watch this for hours while the ‘rents were out on the town. Its pure love I tell you. And magic.

And thank goodness its not something like this song… (click picture for song)



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