Lots of Saturday misc projects going on and ended with a yummy dinner with the WCD including Dave & Diana. Yay!

Here are a few soundbites from along the way. Think you can match the line with the appropriate person? Its doubtful…

Skip-Bo is the cousin to Uno.


Tell Debbie to stop bothering me!

15 minutes my A**!

Do you have any 6s? Clurbs? 8s?

 F you wind!

Auntie Debbie is the best Aunt ever!

( Ok, so #5 implied that with one of his gurgles! I needed him represented here)

fly-clip-art-thumbGet off of me fly! GET OFF!

Spards. and Diamandos. and Clurrrrrbs.

Oh, and

White Russians are chocolate milk. With vodka.





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