Only this leg of it. Sadly, I am leaving the WCD family,

HOWEVER I still have 20 more days of summer vacation left.  Untitled1

The alarm is set ONLY because  I have  plane to catch tomorrow.


Tomorrow (today/ Tuesday depending on your time zone) I will spend 1 whole day of that vacation traveling back home. But that’s ok. I will be productive doing something I am sure. Planing for my new classes. Planning for my growing after school program. Making lists of things to do with the remainder of the summer. Yes!

While I am ridiculously sad to leave LL, #5, Greg & Amber I am so grateful to have been able to spend this time with them. They are sosososososoososooooo good to me!!!


And at the end of the day I will sit with my momma who will place bets on how long it will take me to unpack, and I will eat a piece of cake with my puppy in my lap. Love my family so much!



One thought on “SUMMER IS NOT OVER

  1. I can feel your happiness through this blog! Please have a safe day of traveling, hug your mom to pieces and snuggle with Daisy….maybe even let her sleep with you tonight? Kidding! No need for another neck injury as soon as you get back! Enjoy staycation and that lemon cake! Xoxo


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