Last plane ride of the summer brought me HOME… Can’t believe its been 7 weeks!

And all those great plans I had for that flight? Ok so on the plane here is what I  ACTUALLY did:

1- drank my coffee- I am not lying I actually tried to go UP the DOWN escalator at LAX after checking my luggage pre coffee. I used to say “I’m naturally caffeinated” but after this summer, I think that I am actually addicted to it now.

2- obsessed over backpacks… I saw this girl on the way gangplank to the plane and my search began- Amazon, Etsy, tjmax.com   spent a good hour or so looking, then moved on… to MESSENGER BAGS…  all the same spots…

3- decided to move on. I have plenty of bags ( I LOVE BAGS). Accidentally stumbled upon cute cake tin and the search began again…

I mean look at these…

31HHj59ajsL._AC_SY330_   & il_340x270.792290954_7ffs  SOOOOO CUTE!

oooh and this one:il_340x270.778880340_pmzr awww and this one….il_340x270.526239864_1ia6 (apparently that one is a collectable!)

Seriously… HOURS people… a good part of- at least 1/2 -I’m talking maybe 3 hours?- of just clicking around the web. (Doing no schoolwork or planning. Oh well!)

So many choices, but don’t worry, I didn’t online shop. I deliberately keep my bank cards under my seat on the plane so I can’t shop, because remember that time when I swiped and called you from the plane mom? Sheesh! $40 for like 4 minutes- of really just being yelled at b/c I called from a plane haha! Anyway, I learned my lesson and in the future hid the card so I could freely look through SKYMALL without fear of going bankrupt. The tradition remains.

Anyway, I made it home! YAAAAY!  Rainy drive back…IMG_3238

then a visit w/ the Lynch women on Dufton Court IMG_3246

                                    mmmm Dewars and popcorn!

And finally HOME to freshly made mashed potatoes!  IMG_3247




and of course this cutie pie:IMG_3268



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