Avocados canNOT be speed ripened… and other lessons of vacation


Ok so I have been on summer vacation for exactly 11.5 days, many of those moments pondering whether or not I would restart the blog for the summer. I mean, I am home and what do I really need to update everyone about right?  And then it dawned on me that while I am supposed be relaxing and probably already sharing most of my summer with you guys ( the 5 of you that actually read this), I do actually have lots of insights and lessons I can share with you all via the blog that I may not actually speak about aloud ( rare, but possible, I think).  I mean  I’ve actually learned quite a lot about life in this start of Summer of 2016, and some of you may have missed a few of these lessons… so allow me to share a few gems with you…

1- Regardless of all the Pinterest articles about speed ripening an avocado– via the oven or the microwave- allow me to tell you via FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE… it is NOT POSSIBLE to actually do anything other than make the artichoke hot! Three avocados  in nearly 3 hours and all failed multiple attempts at these “great ideas”. Seriously, look at this guy in the picture below. Does he look like he can be speeded up to do ANYTHING?


Enough said.

But not really. I feel like you may want to know why I am struggling with this newfound fact… I mean, Geeze Louise! Its hard for me to keep the avocado as my second favorite vegetable-thats-really-a-fruit  during the summer. The struggle is real when you love an avocado this season. Everyone wants them for their guac with their chips and margaritas,  so they only ones left in the grocery store are so hard they may NEVER ripen! I know I can buy guac in the store but I DON’T WANT GUACAMOLE!

I want fabulous slices of avocado for my toast,eggwhiteavo

and my shrimp tacos,


 … so again, the struggle is real. Unfortunately for my palate, avocado is not a veggie that can be frozen ( that is lesson #2 btw), so the frozen food aisles of your local Market Basket, Stop n Shop, Cobras or Whole Foods are also not helpful in this situation.

Well,  I guess I will sum up this post with quasi-pride ( whats the word for pride, but not like super proud, you know just like, yeah I did that, and then moving on?) anyway, summing up knowing that I have shared with you valuable information in the realm of  (quoting WCD brother here)  “#first world problems” #(thats a hashtag mom & Ginny)  and #luckyme. Seriously. I am living a great life and am very thankful for it and all of you sharing it with me of course! Even if its #avocadofree

ps- ok so maybe I haven’t actually learned anything else over vacation, but there’s still time… 7 weeks to be exact! Don’t worry, I’ll share


pps- I found this video somehow while searching for images… its stupidly funny… the Dodo Bird though… ( reminder: click the underlined words Mom, they are linked to the videos and websites)






7 thoughts on “Avocados canNOT be speed ripened… and other lessons of vacation

  1. I am so happy your doing this again…I really looked forward to reading it last summer!

    I laughed the whole time reading this entry!


  2. I speed-ripened my avocados so I disagree…you CAN do it, if speedy is considered 2.5 days:). (Brown paper bag with a banana and close it tight). Never saw your blog last year so I’m psyched to get a chance to check it out! Thanks, Cous!


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