The Power of the Sports Bra

Ok, so a couple of days ago I said to my mom something along the lines of  “Hey Mom, I’ve noticed that when I am wearing my sports bra I am super motivated and productive. Probably because it makes me feel accomplished since I am wearing it to exercise. Or it might be because its crazy tight and 2 sizes too small at this point that I am in a rush to get it off?  I don’t know.” She said something like “Ok” and then continued on with her day as she does each time I spew out a random factoid- she’s good like that- doesn’t let my off- topic comments and ramblings get her off task. I need more her in me when it comes to focus. Especially in the summer when I have so much FREE TIME!!!  And,  upon further reflection, I think that the sports bra just might be the key to doing this  (staying focused and on task and, that is the “this” I am talking about here- stay with me folks).

As I continued with my house “chores” ( nope, still haven’t washed the floors, but its coming I promise mom- maybe today?) I had my sports bra on and I seemed to move through the house swiftly and efficiently, recycling items,  quickly making my bed, organizing dog stuff, mowing the lawn & generally just getting sh*! done (oooooh reading that back – sounds like a 10 year old boys chores right there huh? don’t worry, I have more adult-like tasks).   Then, of course I immediately went to my to-do list in my planner hearts (all sorts of hearts and rainbows for this gem) and checked off stuff. I even added a couple of tasks I accomplished that weren’t on the list and checked them off too- now THAT is doing stuff!

I contemplated keeping the sports bra on, but alas, I needed a shower to continue my day in getting stuff done. Then I realized that -shockingly- it was my last clean one!   This is a shock, because, as you probably know, I have a laundry lady (hmmm today’s blog is just 1 big Ode to Mom amiright? hearteyesemoji)  … howEVer she’s no longer doing it daily (some kind of change in labor due to retirement?), so the 2 sport bras I have are not enough for the rotation. So anyway, while getting dressed, I think about this whole lack of sports bra thing due to aforementioned labor issues, decide I need a third, but then, no wait, ACTUALLY I need 4 more. I need 6 total sports bras for this rotation- 2 per day- 1 for exercise  (hahaha)/ sweaty stuff and 1 for the rest of the day- and I need 3 days worth of bras, so 2×3=6  (Also shout out to my 4th grade Title I math tutor Mrs. Quinn on all this math kissemoji).  “What the?!   Why all these sports bras?!”  you ask…

lightbulbemojiMy epiphany is a simple one: I am going to embrace the Power of the Sports Bra! If I want to improve my focus and efficiency, be productive and get stuff done this summer,  then I should ALWAYS be wearing a sports bra (well except on Friday nights and Sundays when I go to my couch bra but that doesn’t matter b/c no productivity is planned).

So, now, the search for the additional 4 sports bras begins. I don’t care what color or style they are. I don’t care if I am smooshed and it looks like I have 1 horizontal boob. I don’t care if its the same one on repeat (actually you KNOW that is what I want- I lurv multiples!)


My summer sports bra criteria is as follows:

1- be uncomfortably too small so that I want them off,

2- but not so uncomfortable that I can’t breathe and therefore claim asthma and have to look up symptoms of that on google, or go to the doctors or research new bras, or something like that, when I am trying to get my stuff done.

So, I’m heading to Kohl’s this morning. I am sure they will have what I need. On Sale. And I think we have some Kohl’s Cash around here somewhere.

And yes, the next time you see me if you see a unirack going on… you’ll know I mean business. And anything uplifted and perky- I’m all about the fun!

And may The Power of the Sports Bra be with you all this summer!


3 thoughts on “The Power of the Sports Bra

  1. I can hardly breath from laughing while reading this …just please promise me you are not going to wear a sports bra with your “school uniform”. PLEASE Debbie! I am begging you!


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