It’s a Scorcha!

I can’t even begin to remember what life was like pre-air conditioning.

Today I am quasi-there though, and I’ll tell ya 1 thing:

can’t help it, just so hawt!


We don’t have central air here in the cave, but between a wall unit and 2 bedroom AC’s that usually does it for us, as long as on days like these,  we start the AC early and keep it going all day. This would be a perfect strategy for us today!  But ahhhhhhhh NO!

Today the painter arrived to paint in mom’s room. Long story short, he needed to use oil based primer. I ran out to do errands (of course wearing a new sports bra- blue- its just sooo cute!) and came back 2 hours later- mom sitting quietly in the living room reading ( and probably getting high from the fumes) Daisy passed out upside-down in her bed (also probably getting high from the fumes), and the paint fumes LITERALLY breath taking… Cue every window in the house getting opened…. and that was at noon.

Suffice to say, with today’s scorching weather, I’ve whined most of the day.  Not becoming, I know.

Also, I think I got delirious with the heat and the fumes and stared at this picture (from instagram- not mine) and I couldn’t understand how the person taking the picture could see all the way to the tail of the plane from their window.FullSizeRender

Here’s to first world problems!  Stay Cool Everyone!


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