Ninja or Spartan?

Have you guys watched America Ninja Warriors? Or this new show Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge? The people on these shows are amazing. Wait, restate: AMAZING!

A few summers ago, while visiting my farm family, we spent a night watching Nina Warriors… and my interest was peaked. It reminded me of Wipe Out! I used to watch the that show and would yell and groan as I watched people slam into things, jumping and (most of them moving) like people with ACTUAL cat-like reflexes ( not just ducking while driving a car … you know who you are).

images-10I can admit that I have NEVER had a desire to participate in the Wipe Out course- as I am willing to admit that my reflexes are nothing short of tortoise speed   and therefore those punching machines on Wipe Out would absolutely get me every time ( like this chick– definitely click that- its 32 seconds of awesome) and this would violate my No Pain No Pain philosophy of life, and thus the no desire thing going on!


Ok but wait, talking about Ninja Warriors here, so back on topic:  I’m not sure what ever happened to Wipe Out, but Ninja Warriors brought me right back to the yelling and groaning and active ducking while watching the show. I am almost asleep, I see that the show is on, and suddenly I am screaming at the tv and chanting “Beat That Wall!” And then, there’s more.  At some point in each Ninja season, I start imagining myself as a competitor.  I watch the show, while laying in bed, thinking to myself, “I can do this. I know I can. I can start working out first thing tomorrow, and I can at least make it to the city qualifying  rounds- who knows, I could probably be the first middle-aged female teacher of middle schoolers to beat the wall. Definitely.” I remind myself that if a T-rex can move through the course, “I can do it! Yes I can!”

Then I fall asleep.

And I get up in the morning after snoozing my alarm 3-5 times and  remember my NPNPP of Life and lay in bed a little longer so it doesn’t hurt to get up, and totally forget the night before’s fervor for any kind of physical activity. At all.

Every. Single. Time.

So  this, ladies and gents, is why I am still not on American Ninja Warriors. Its because of my NPNPP of Life and because I fall asleep and I forget all the gusto and really its because of dinosaurs. I don’t like them. They are scary. I refuse to see any Jurassic Park movie to this day. I don’t want to try out and then have one walk up near me. It will wreck my run!


( I mean, see the title, still need to talk about the Spartans….)

Now there is this new show focusing on Spartan Racing. Its not a new idea- its the team version of Tough Mudder like obstacle courses: physically demanding, and muddy, obstacle courses- and in the case of the Spartan races- in team competition.

I am neither of these people in photo

So while watching this show, my active watching occurs ( which really should be considered a form of cardio- my heart races and I definitely still do so physical flinching and ducking while watching the show- I just cant find it listed on my fitness pal to log it!)  AND, so have you figured out where I am going with this… Yes, you have

Tonight while watching this show, I started thinking about how it would be so fun to do this type of competition. And how working with a team would be so motivating and would bond us for life. And how I would be in the best shape of my life. OF. MY. LIFE.  And then I started drafting my fantasy Spartan team- my closest friends and family members who could successfully compete and work together (with me of course) to complete one of these crazy a*! courses.

So now, I’m going to stop writing, and finish completing my fantasy Spartan Team draft. and fall asleep.



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