A decade of Daisy!

If you could have any ONE superpower what would it be? Super Speed, Invisibility, Flying? For a long time I choose invisibility- that “to be a fly on the wall” thing was oh so enticing. But I recently read a question- if you could EITHER ~talk/2 way communicate with animals  OR ~speak every language in the world, which would it be?

Hands down, my choice would be talking to animals.In fact, I guess the only animal I would really need to talk with would be Daisy.

OMG I would be SOOOO excited! Can you IMAGINE what Daisy is saying to me on a daily basis?


When she was hurt earlier this summer, she stopped barking and starting vocalizing much more than in the past. As her movement was limited, she spent her days either in her “luxury pen” in the living room watching Sprout tv ( my mom says Daisy likes that best) or next to me in her bed on the couch or on the staycation deck. When she was up on the couch sitting with me, she was in a constant state of “chatter”.  I am sure sure was reaming me out for the fact that she was confined and not allowed to roam the house and yard freely in her retirement (didn’t you hear? She retired with her Grandma – she is truly living the dream).



Now that she is feeling better, and we are spending lots of time on the staycation deck, her chatter hasn’t slowed down. In fact, her conversations with the birds are actually hysterical. She is CLEARLY unhappy with their volume and pitch around 7pm each evening as her tone implies. I just wish I knew if she was telling them to shut up, criticizing their vocal stylings, or debating the upcoming election with them… Oh what a gift it would be!

So, Daisy will be 10 years old tomorrow!  I’m so thankful to have been blessed with a decade of Daisy-ness! While her whitened snout, and reduced stamina shows her age (she will only run around like a crazy dog for 30 mins when the boys get here unread of 3 hours), the fact that she still guards the bathroom door when I shower and blow-dry, greets me at the back door tail wagging – even if I just ran out to the garage, and literally follows me around the house when I am moving from 1 room to the next, shows me she’s in love with me as much as I am with her after all these years.  WAHOO!

This morning as I perused the news on my laptop, I was brought to tears by a few articles I read. (We live good lives people! Let us not forget that!)  Daisy was sitting next to me in her bed, and kept turning back to me.  I would tell her “its ok puppy”, as much to comfort her as it was to comfort me.  She slowly crept towards my lap, and finally, just stood up and made the move… replacing my laptop with herself… She knows how to keep me smiling 🙂


And she makes is SO HARD to get off the couch!!

ps: Title illustration credit: Jude!!! ( circa 2014)


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