Cookies of all kinds

I feel like the title of this blog could be a metaphor for life. We’re all cookies in a big cookie world. Blah, blah, blah, yada, yadda, yadda

But no, this blog is not really about a metaphor for anything.

However,  I have do few mottos in life (still not metaphors)

“No Pain No Pain” embodies my no pain no pain philosophy of life. Its self explanatory I think…

“Cookies are always the answer.”  Its just simply true- What day is it? Cookie day. What time is it? Cookie time. Is he “the one”? He gave me cookies. – I rest my case. ( And if that argument doesn’t do it for you, just look at the picture above- a cookie for every emoji people- EVERY EMOJI)

Anyway, that’s a segue ( I want to spell that word SEGWAY but the darn computer keeps telling me thats a personal transportation system) for  today’s post- its a stretch, but whatevs…

So, while online the other day, I see an advertisement in the right side of the screen, with the title “Ice Cream Sandwich Tasting Event”- and of course I click… ( of course I click, I am pretty sure you would have too- don’t lie to yourself please, its unbecoming) Here’s where I end up:


My blog today is simply this.

Seriously?  You ask.


This deserves its own post. Its amazing. Its genius. Its unforgettable.

If we had a Publix near us (ie- within 100 miles), I would have been there. For the entire 4 hours.

Masterful advertising Publix. Genius.

And again, cookies are the answer.



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