Polaroid lenses


Do you have polarized sunglasses? If you don’t, and you wear sunglasses, stop everything right now and go make an appointment to get a pair. RIGHT NOW. Don’t worry, the blog will still be here and you can come back to finish reading. So do it. RIGHT NOW.  You will not be disappointed. I promise. ( also this is not a paid endorsement for lens crafters, they’re just fast and you need these fast)

Ok so welcome back or thanks for the continued read.. here’s my story about my love for Polarized sunglasses  (there’s always a story people, thus the blog).

My eye viewing life-changing moment came years again when ECD Heather told me about Polaroid lenses. And I remember the day a few weeks later that I went in to get a new pair of prescription sunglasses and I just said “Yes!” when they asked if I wanted the lenses polarized. It was one of the few moments in my life I didn’t ask how much, do a compare and contrast, didn’t heavily think and then decide I really didn’t need the upgrade.  I solely relied on Heather’s word’s of wisdom. I got into my car wearing said lenses and IMMEDIATELY called Heather to confirm her right-ness (as if there was ever any doubt) and here I am, years later, extolling on the greatness of something that I would never be able to personally vouch for if I stuck with my super practical cautious approach to buying anything over $40. What a GREAT decision that was! Why don’t I do that more often?

Well, because I’m not a Kardashian (sorry Kerry, not meant to be an insult to the Ks) with an endless checkbook I guess is why.

But still. I really, really, REALly love my polarized sun glasses. They make the world so crisp and clean and colorful!

You can stare right through any glare that tries to get past the lens.

Non Polaroid-2
view via plain lenses
With Polaroid-2
view via polarized lenses


The colors are more vivid. The view is so much more focused.images-13

In case you were wondering, according to Wikipedia- here is why polaroid lenses are so freaking awesome:

Polarization and eyes

See also: Polarization (waves)

Visible light waves from the sun travel in all directions. When this scattered light meets a horizontal surface, like a road or water, a large portion of the light is reflected with horizontal polarization. This horizontally-polarized light is seen as white glare, and masks light that is useful to the human eye, reducing visibility. By using a sheet of vertical polarizing material, the horizontally-polarized component can be significantly attenuated, reducing the overall light level reaching the eye. This improves contrast, and thus perception of the scene

However,  sadly  I must tell you that you may NOT have polarized lenses on regular glasses- only on sun glasses. Boooooooo! Why, you ask? Well, its because owing to the parallel row alignment of the iodine crystals, if they were clear they would not block light in a specific direction. ( click there for obvious plagiarism citation- so technically not plagiarism since its cited… just saying!)

Sometimes, if its gloomy out, I will put them on in the car anyway- even the gloom looks crisp and clear and focused. I love it! I mean, something as simple as a pair of glasses can change my energy and focus so quickly. I would wear them all the time if it wasn’t soooooo socially unacceptable- and dark inside. ( but not while driving in icy conditions b/c my dad told me they mask the glare of the ice and you need to be able to see that when driving- he’s right btw)  Between a pair of polarized sunglasses and a sports bra- I’m the most focused person I know. Without drugs even!!

I love the expression “looking at the world through rose colored glasses”  because its about trying to find the good side of something.  ( side note, I have a pair of rose colored lenses in non-prescription, non polarized coating…- they are what I have to settle for when I am wearing my contacts) We should start the expression “look at the world through Polarized glasses”- get people to settle down, to focus on what’s important, necessary and most likely to make the world,  or day,  better.  I know that I am highly motivated when wearing them!

So my friends, I would like to sum up this blog entry with a classic annoying Middle School “clincher”:

And that’s my blog entry about Polaroid Lenses.



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