Ok so yesterday I had a day. I mean, it started out fabulous, how can it not?

First, my morning walk with cousin Shelley. Love catching up and exercising. Exercising while chatting= painless. Aaaaaaand, supports the No Pain No Pain Philosophy of life. Yay!

Next up: Werk ( I can’t actually call it work b/c its amazingly fun and so brief I don’t know if I can actually even call it a job) was amazeballs as always. 4 kids, 3 grown ups and a HS volunteer ( she may have been harder work than the kiddos) IMG_5963We made Nemos out of paper plates- so cute- the mouth becomes the tail- our soon to be kindergarteners got a kick out of this!
Then we played Pop-up Pirate pop up pirateusing speech sounds, sang each kid’s favorite song (so funny they all have an educational purpose and those kids don’t even realize it- HA! cracks me up!) Sorted pom poms, had a lengthy discussion about popsicles vs ice-cream ( we are working on making choices and sticking with them this week) and went to the playground to round out the morning.  I can’t BELIEVE I’m getting paid for this stuff! Its hysterical! And as an added bonus it meets my 3 hour threshold for kid under the age of 5 in school!

SO after that fabulousness, I went out to fill the spare gas tank for the grill ( oops may have felt a twinge of a pulled muscle when wrestling with the tank in the car but no biggie) then made a fabulous salad for lunch. Lounged on staycation deck for another hour and headed to a doctor’s appt. 5 mins after I arrived they cancelled my appt as my doc needed to leave for an emergency surgery. No problem, I’m healthy, so a reschedule. Came home and plopped myself back on staycation deck, changing Daisy’s vet appt (for her butt people  no biggie) to earlier in the day and then read for about an hour.  (As I got off the staycation chair, oooh maybe that twinge in my back might have returned, but its fine, really.)

Once at the vet, a routine event- Daisy is going to have her nails trimmed and “butt done”. Why the vet for this you ask? Can’t I do it at home? Well, not the nails, b/c she tries to bite me, and DEFINITELY not the butt because… well why don’t you click here or here, or here and learn why that is NOT happening EVER by me ( doesn’t the dog in that video look like Daisy btw? just saying). So anyway, at the vet the tech asks me if I can hold Daisy for her while she does this stuff. First the butt, then the nails.




After having to put a muzzle on Daisy in the middle of the nail trim, of course the tech accidentally nipped one of her nails too close and she started to bleed. Then she tried to get the muzzle off and it was all just horrible. I can’t even.

By the time it was all over I realized that I had been holding my breath. I started to feel like  I might faint, but kept my SH*!? together long enough to pay and get Daisy back in her carseat. I put my head on the steering wheel and focused, then beat it out of there to drive the 1.15 miles home. So, probably not smart, but I was lucky.

Got my a$*! home and threw myself on a loveseat on the deck, recounting the horrors of the appt to mom and trying, once again,  to not faint. Mom then starts to lecture me about how I probably need meds b/c I am a spazz. I may have mentioned  PTSD. And coping strategies. Mom saved me with chocolate (I NEEDED the sugar), then a hot dog ( don’t worry, I logged my calories – its all good- and btw- can you say effective strategies right there?) IN the mean time I decided to stand up to get myself a stiff drink, and when I did – you guessed it….that little ping, twinge- thing became a WTF I CAN’T ACTUALLY STAND UP STRAIGHT pain!

Suffice to say, I had to pass on the stiff drink that I was on my way to pour, took several ibuprofen (liquid gel caps- they are aMAZing) and muscle relaxers, and went to bed.

At 6:40 pm.

I woke up around 9pm to my mom taking my classes off of my face and tucking the dog in for the night. I went back to sleep until around 5am.  YOu’ll all be happy to know that today, as they day has progressed, the back/shoulder pain has almost completely left-so I guess it wasn’t a pulled muscle, probably a tense muscle/knot thing ( shocker. flash back to turning 8).

I’m still waiting for my cousin, the doctor of PT, to come evaluate me and give me some anti-tense muscle stretches…. and maybe some meds?




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