Lazy Day

Yep, that’s today. Its true. I skipped my walk. I went to werk (again, as previously disclosed this requires little to no effort on my behalf so it fits the day), and have spent the past 9 hours alternating from sitting in a cozy screened in porch with my favorite cousin dog Dunkin, to walking said cousin dog in the shade in the field across the street.

FullSizeRender 7
The field got baled today. During various stages we in the field. By the end of the night we had visit nearly all of the field’s bales, and they have all been christened by Dunkin himself. He’s very proud.

Other that these exciting events, I have supported the lazy day efforts in the following ways:

  1. drink a lemonade and several glasses of ice cold water ( its hawt people)
  2. eat a healthy dinner of salad ( easy b/c it was pre chopped from my fridge at home)
  3. drink a beer
  4. pee on occasion ( i.e. when my bladder was about to explode b/c  lazy day)

While sitting on this cozy porch today I have surfed th inter web, probably spent HOURS on Instagram, and accomplished none of the “school planning” I had on my agenda for today. Hahaha! LAZY DAY!

Personally, I blame ghettogypsy from Instagram.  She inspired me with this post:

FullSizeRender 6

So, that’s what I did today. I let go and saw what happened.

Basically, a LOT of instagram and  web surfing is what happened.

FullSizeRender 5


Luckily, I found lots of life advice on instagram. Here’s a favorite: although I’m not 100% sure what it means, like, is there a plan for the timing thing to work out or something?






FullSizeRender 3

And here’s another lesson from the day:







I also now know the reasoning between square and round hay bales, that Patrick Swayze did NOT have any children and that the Lowe and Schwarzenegger children are friends with each other.  I found out that Gary Marshall died this week. 😦  And I took the Pioneer Woman’s quiz on Dirty Dancing in the Fun and Learning section of her website .  I got a 95%- I just checked and the answers are now posted- I got #19 wrong- I thought it was “in the lake”…

Oh and obviously the cover picture for today’s blog  I think is AMAZING- and that was also found today!  I mean, you all know how I feel about peas at this point in life I am sure.



Also, FEMA texted me?! I guess we’re buddies or something? Maybe they know about the tree?



However, you’ll be happy to know that while I found some unique an inspiring ideas for life today, I did not take ALL of ghettogypsy‘s  advice on living life:


Hope you all had a great day!

ps- sorry for the swear words Mom!



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