So on the road to and from the Cape recently for one of my (many) cousin’s wedding (total blast, BTW- so pretty, so yummy, so fun- you probably already know this if you were there- and if you were- don’t worry, I won’t be mention here the (many) events once the clock struck messy!) and this means 2 lovely trips with mom in the car.

We started the trip at Dunkins so I could get a coffee ( mom LOVES when I caffeine load before a trip) and I came out with a glazed Donut and of course a lot of napkins. Why this surprised (and possibly annoyed) my Mom I do not know- yet she asked- “Gee Debbie, did you get enough napkins?”  Weird.

I usually stock the car with snacks and napkins – and collect them wherever we stop. I am a firm believer that you can never have enough- and I store the extras in my center console. I need ALL THE NAPKINS people- spill some water or coffee? Napkin! Runny nose or sneeze? Napkin! Wipe a dead bug off the windshield? You guessed it… Napkin! I love them. ( however I am not going to lie to you- if I could fit a roll of paper towels in my console then buh-bye napkins, but that’s another blog for another day).

Then I immediately tune my radio into WBZ to check the traffic on the 3’s  (b/c I’m my Dad of course) and we’re off.

Through the years, Mom and I have developed a great partnership in road trips. We’ve come a long way from our first trip together-  a tour of MA state colleges the weekend before my decision for college entrance needed to be made. On that trip, at least twice that I can recall, we missed our exit as we gabbed away about something. I am also pretty sure I was lectured extensively about something, but luckily I don’t remember YES!  In more recent years, with evolving technology (thank you mapquest!) we moved past trip-tiks and maps from AAA and all mom had to do was read me the directions, and now-a-days just having my phone interrupt our convo via bluetooth and the Google maps app! Thanks to Siri, we rarely miss a turn  in our journey.

Instead, we can concentrate on other things- like my mom reading me articles of interest- or just summarizing- from the newspaper on her lap. Seriously, once she read me an article about how a town that we don’t even live- and how it was spending its tax dollars on new uniforms for the fire department! And then of course we had a 45 minute conversation about this- reasons for it, styles, were they dress uniforms or daily, were they fire-proof or resistant materials used, who should pay for these expense etc… Deep stuff.

On this most recent trip, I made her listen (sporadically, not the whole time) to an audio book – The Andy Cohen Diaries! So the backstory is this- I don’t really watch Bravo, but as you know mom LOVES it so she knows the scoop. Andy Cohen is dishing on his life for a year- a play on the Andy Warhol Diaries. Since its an audio book he’s reading it- and its hysterical! I know about 1/2 of the people he mentions and its still freaking killing me. I’ve been listening it on walks etc, and occasionally when I get home I look up a person or even or something he was talking about- thanks INTERNET! In the car with mom, however, she is literally filling me in on ever person’s backstory, life, fight etc…. so in 3 hours I think we listed to 30 mins of actual recording! It was fabulous- mom and Andy Cohen together. She was like hat guy Gary on Veep who whispers into Selina’s ear nonstop ( if you don’t watch that show stop everything and do it now- only if you are over 18 that is)

So here I am in Minnesota- literally sitting on a rocking chair looking at corn and beans growing and listening to a LOT of crickets – see picture above (AND btw – that’s by the way Mom and Ginny)  it has taken me almost 2 weeks to finish this blog entry?! (ADD people, ADD)  And I took this trip solo. So no road warrior mom with me. When I was packing my carry on to come, here is what I found in my bag leftover from its last use in September…

and then of course during the trip I collected a few more….




and now here at the farm, looking into my bag- here’s the arrival state:



So I was thinking, even though I am not traveling with mom, the napkins kinda make me feel like she’s with me. I can hear her now.. “Gee Deb, got enough napkins there?” and I say  “Yes Mom, I got ALL THE NAPKINS!”

Miss you mom! Hope you’re enjoying the peace and quiet!!! xoxo

PS- not really sure about the Andy Warhol Diaries, but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the

The Andy Cohen Diaries: A Deep Look at a Shallow Year audio-book! You can get it free on Boston Public Library! (Use the Overdrive app– once you have a BPL card- its is free if you are a  MA resident or work here- you just need to sign up online and its and they send you an online book card # instantly!)


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