I cannot believe that summer is over. Let’s face it  Labor Day weekend has come and gone-summer’s over folks! The sun is setting, and tomorrow its over. There’s no more extending it! I don’t care when meteorological Summer -ends this is it! Get out of denial. Also I can’t believe that I was so lame with the blog this summer. I don’t really have any excuses. Maybe it’s because I felt like everyone who reads this was actually living my experiences with me, so I didn’t need to rehash them?  IDK, I Could blame the A.D.D, I could blame the job- I mean really I had things going on this summer- but regardless, not a lot of blogging.

I DID, however have a great summer, and a rad Labor Day weekend!  I mean, I did obey the Rules of the weekend which results in greatness see:

The rules of events over Labor Day weekend

  1. Talking incessantly about how quickly summer has gone
  2. going to the feast  in Lawrence to get crispellies
  3. Back to school prep- for me this means: figuring out school clothes; lesson and class planning; and New Year’s resolutions, since September really is the start of the year for me  (I’ve spent more years following the school calendar than not)
  4. Cookout
  5.  RE-LAX

And my weekend:

1- talked about how I can’t believe the summer want too fast. I mean it was super relaxing and all, so I really can’t complain, just saying that I’d love to be on a permanent summer vacation. Come ON seasons ticket for the lottery!

2- talked about how I should go to Lawrence to get crispellies but I don’t really want to wait in that line… so no crispellies, but in my heart I had them so its all good.

3- not worry too much about school clothes because I have a uniform- (I’m so happy about that) so I simply hung it up! AND thought about my resolutions that technically I planned and started last week since School started BEFORE Labor Day (annoying)

4- Cookout! ( Thanks ECDs for the invite)

img_69275-Number five staycationed my ass off with the Daisy on the deck. Nothing says relax more than that I promise you!




Soooooo, now that school has begun and I realize how much easier this year will be then last, I may have some time on my hands that can help keep Shelley entertained during her long weekly classes (I feel your pain, I really feel your pain. I don’t really think I can ever be a “student” again since last summer in Colorado I A.D.D-ed reading, searching the internet, texting and blogging to “entertain myself” for six hours today sitting in class. Not.A.Good.Student. At all.

ps- OOOPS- I wrote this blog ON labor day, but it was still in my drafts when I checked a few minutes ago!




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