Mile High Post

Ok trying to get this blog posted before SB’s class ends tonight so it’s gonna be short and sweet! UNLIKE that amaaaaazing Dole Whip in the openimg scene- oh pineapple how I love you so!
On the plane now… on my way back home from a quick trip to

Disney … Soooo fun! Alnd I tried hard to not need a vacation from this trip! So I’m not doing any schoolwork! LOL( well, not really b/c I’m on a plane and if I laughed out loud it would be weird but you get the gist… I mean lol is a great way to show your emotion on paper right?)
Anyway, for those of you who want to show me some sympathy -I gotta work tomorrow. Yep. A three day week full of 115 thirteen -going on-25-year olds- of which close to a dozen who have sent me emails asking me questions that start with “I know you’re on vacation but…” Hahaa- funny ones. Wait till they find out I haven’t finished correcting their quizzes from the day I left last week! Should be a great morning! Hopeful the hives I have developed on my back have faded so I’m not rubbing my back up against a door jam all day tomorrow! ( IDK is the answer… Maybe raspberries in the fruit sauce I had on my Mickey waffles during round 2 of my buffet brunch today? Ugh). And speaking of brunch today- the food coma was real. I finally had to stop at the Starbucks in the airport to get a latte. Mom was thrilled. Then I took my non drowsy sudafed, so yeah- I’m awake. And Mom is PSYCHED she is across the aisle from me .I’m sure . She’s trying to pretend she’s asleep right now in fact. See:


Haha see that guy next to her thinking I’m a creeper?! I’m sure mom will make me take this pic down when she sees it but why?! It’s great!

so here’s a fabulous pic of her so she doesnt get mad – don’t get mad Mom!! Love you!!



Isn’t her hair amaaaaazimg? And it was  like 100 degrees and swampy out!!!

Also… I won’t be eating again probably until tomorrow afternoon! But luckily I walked enough yesterday to cover me:


THAT’S ALMOST A HALF MARATHON PEOPLE!! Thanks Epcot and Magic Kingdom!

So, looking forward to a family filled week coming up – WCD will be here in two sleeps, a wedding in Newport, sleepovers at case de Dunkin and hopefully lots of D boy visits! Can’t wait! So grateful for the fun and love you all provide me every day! Signing off now xoxoxo!


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