it’s a subjective word if you ask me…

I mean technically if you want a definition of it according to dictionary. com:

PRODUCTIVITY:  the quality, state, or fact of being able to generate, create, enhance, or bring forth goods and services

and then there is the slacker Merriam Webster answer:

PRODUCTIVITY: the quality or state of being productive

(Just saying that this get the slacker moniker and would be a ZERO on a vocab quiz in my class b/c NO USE OF THE ROOT WORD IN THE DEFINITION!- show your knowledge and understanding of the meaning people!  SERIOUSLY! This is actually disappointing to me from M-W… but that’s going to have to be another post as I’m trying to stay focused and productive this morning!)

But really, productivity, to me, is getting shit done!  Wait- that should be sh*$! right, not the actual word? Not sure what the rules are regarding profanity on this blog of mine and so being a rule follower I will research later, or make a rule to follow. Maybe I should do that now- please hold as I peruse past entries. Ok, there is a search feature… awesomeness. I love search features online, on my computer, in email- they are WAAAAY better than help  ( and help is your friend people- remember that Mom!) so anyway, I have posted hell, damn and ass before, but not shit or the f word. So there is my standard. Now you know.

Anyway, back to my point- productivity- its getting stuff done- and this, my friends makes it subjective- it means- its all relative!  (Also, this is supported by research searched on The Google here and here  …that second one- be careful.. its a time sucker… )

And so, I’m officially on day 6 of #summer2017 and decided that my productivity level thus far has been AMAZING! (and that’s with only 1 day of a sports bra!! crazy but true!)  I just had a morning text chat with my classroom neighbor friend from school. It’s the first time we’ve “talked” since our last day just under a week ago. (I’m sure we all needed a break.) She asked what I have been up to. Here was my response:


So wow! Looking back at this- HP20_EmojiCOUPLED with the fact that while texting I was reading an article about the Harry Potter’s 20th birthday and how twitter made a special emoji to commemorate it, and THEN was able to find said emoji AND pass it on to HP lover cousins I realized:


Industrious and lazy, still = productive. I mean lazy ALONE can even still be productive by applying the definitions above!

And so now, to more easily prove this,  I am going to research productivity graphic chart/ app things. I feel like time on the internet can be so productive with a goal, and now I have one for the day (its raining,  SO beach day ,staining back deck,  other than grocery shopping and “cleaning my room”- which ACTUALLY I already did on Thursday morning included in the “random” part of list above- but this time when I say clean I mean vacuuming, dusting and making it actually clean).   SO, my goal for the day is clear: find something that can SHOW my productiveness instead of just a list. Case in point:

When applying the above (real, not slacker) definition to the text list of what I have done, here is the analysis:

I have generated / created the following:

  1. a “clean” ( see above *) room
  2. a relaxed pace of movement/activity in which to allow my brain to recover from June in a Middle School
  3. an updated planner- in which I marked all of my upcoming “werk” days,       beach days etc

I have enhanced the following:

  1. my brain- by giving it peace and relaxed pace ( see # 2 above)
  2. the front porch- by providing a SERVICE (also in the definition) of staining it- and by extension enhancing the curb appeal of the cave
  3. my body- that porch work ABSOLUTELY tightened my thighs, hamstrings and  ALL of the gluteus region ( also, I just learned about them here -I had to research the spelling and didn’t realize that there are way more than 3- and yes I definitely worked ALL of them- and thus I have enhanced my knowledge about the human body too)
  4. my relationships- with all sorts of cousins, my mom, Daisy- by spending such quality time with them (either in person or via internet communications such as instagram, snap, text, etc)


So yeah, I feel like a graphic would be way better than all of those words- don’t you? A pie chart? Maybe an infographic? A ziz-zag chart thing ( what the heck are those called again?) Something visual- take the words out…

I’ll get back to you when I find one! ( I’ll also be sure to send you updated graphics)

ps- I will TRY to be more productive in blog output this summer!

pps- I literally just spend 24 minutes looking for a picture for this post online.  IT WAS OVERWHELMING – i just typed productivity into The Google and went to images (although I did find several site about productivity…) SO,  I just took a picture of my favorite coffee mug  to share with you b/c it makes me happy and should make you at least smile. And….  NO (Mom) I DO NOT FILL UP WITH COFFEE THAT WOULD BE INSANE NOT JUST FOR ME BUT ANYONE,  I just put a standard size 10 oz volume of coffee inside a big mug.

ppps- see how I was able to refocus and  just get stuff done so I could post this? productive again!




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