SO many topics, such little time. I know I have been lame thus far with the blog again this summer, but I can tell you at least I know why (this is key to problem solving- find root of problem)  I’ve been a lame-o!

I literally have a list on my phone of things that I can blog about. SO, obviously,  you’d think that’s not my excuse for not posting. Yet, ACTuallY…,  it probably IS.

Seriously, in my newly “focused” state of mind (oh, the wonders of pharmacology- ok and some meditation!), you would think I would simply refer to my list, choose the topic at the top and start writing away… I mean I’m the one who made the list so they are all my ideas, I write them down when I think about something specific to the topic I want to blog about- so its not even like its hmwk or some arbitrary blogging list. SO it should be a no brainer… I have plenty to say about stuff, and lots of free time over summer vaca… so I mean, just do it.  HA! Its never that simple.






Also note that I add and delete from it pretty regularly  and yet- ONE has been completed as of now.




While I am thankful every day for their plentiful existence in my life ( #blessed )

snack options are the BEST!

Some  options are definitely not “helpful” in the “productivity” of my life.

For example, options are why I am still single. Yep. That’s right.

SO many dating sites. SO many single guys in the world.All those options, how will I ever find my fish in the sea? JKJKJKJK but seriously, I’m on the Bumble this summer, but just randomly swiping right to me is a waste, so I pay for the subscription that only lets me see people who have (probably randomly, ugh) swiped on me first… ( this means they are showing an interest of some sort for those of you lucky enough to not need or use a dating app) My plan is that then I will just look at those people who showed interest in me, thus limiting my time and energy (its precious people!)  and give me more time for other amazing stuff!

So then this happens:


14 peeps in the match cue- that means who have swiped right- and yet I can’t decide who to communicate with.

I read through all the options, and then decide I will  match with a few to start, but since I have to make the fist move, I now have to decide  what to say.

Options:  “Hi! Hope you are enjoying the summer! Nice hat/ puppy/ car/ fish etc.”… or one of any other myriad of things that would make me sound witty and awesome and irresistible to only the exact right person.

I have 24 hours to say something ( or they turn grey)- 1,440 minutes of options to respond, I’ll come back to this.

But …. oops… all those options – who to write to, what to say, when to say it result in all those amazing conversations you see over there.

And I mean this guy, I think he gets me:


FullSizeRender 2

He could NOT have made it ANY easier, &  yet: Nope.

2 OPTIONS: goatee or no goatee-

Notice he’s greyed out – still an option for me to match with again… and yet still there b/c I cannot decide. Maybe I will today.

(tech skills, aka,  cross outs, used to  to protect the innocent bumblers of the world- bt if you know any of these guys and they are MARRIED will you please let me know? Ok thanks!)

So, another thing that OPTIONS can explain about me is why  I have 2 planners, one for home, one for school; and I religiously use my calendar app on my phone AND also on school outlook during the SY,  and I have a cool chalk board calendar on the wall in the kitchen.  Oh and also, I jam pack my NOTES on my phone with  a list of things to to- summer, school, shopping, etc… so I guess lots of lists- on my phone. Lots of options on how to keep track of things to do,  and lots of time updating them all 🙂 I LUUUUUUUURV calendars and planners! (and on a side note, have recently discovered the stickers I can use on them! SO good!)  

I know why I love calendars & planners: there are  so many days on the calendar. So many new days filled with promise and sunshine and oh yes, SO MANY DAYS TO GET THINGS FROM MY TO-DO LISTS DONE!  However, lest we forget today’s topic: Each day =  an OPTION (or 2 or 3)  Especially during summer vacay. Most days, even on my “werk days” my internal conversation sounds something like this:

Hmmmm Debbie. What should you do today? Or tomorrow- lets fill in that planner!!! Should I:

  • relax?
  • cook?
  • watch a show?
  • read a book?
  • do a craft or project?
  • research a project? (OMG pinterest )
  • shop? (yes! is always the answer to that)
  • do school work?
  • see a friend?
  • go to the beach?
  • clean my room ( ha! always an option, never a choice)


And yet look at my summer to-do list below….6 weeks into the summer, only 1 left here at home (I’m coming for you Cali and MN)

to do

But wait, there’s more… to this conversation about OPTIONS. They can also explain why  I have entered at least new 10 appts/ events into said calendars and planners – literally making  these plans in the last 3 days!!!

I’m good with a deadline.

Also I do realize that this means that I will probably  still have stuff to do on the list. I’m OK with that 🙂 I know some of you will not be (Its ok Mom. It is.)

Also, to be clear, I am not complaining about options ( did you SEE the snacks?)  just explaining how they MAY be the excuse I use for pretty much anything 🙂   And also, you can see why a uniform for school was THE. GREATEST. DECISION. OF MY MORNINGS. EVER. ( I will blog about this later)

So anyway, there you have it: The reason the blog is so ridiculously sporadic: OPTIONS. I’d like to remind you that it started when I spent a good chunk of summer trapped  in classes, so my time was structured, and of course being the amazing student that I was I used my time wisely to blog- because the only other option was to pay attention.

Ok ending now, my day of options awaits. Its taken a few days to finish this post, and it wasn’t on my planner for the day, so the furniture painting projects are calling for me. But oh! first I’ll add summer projects to the blog list and do those at the end of the summer and show off the goods!

Happy Friday peeps!!!

ps- I did just have to check my calendar to see what day it was.

pps- the picture- is is SUNSET? OR SUNRISE? (ha.. see what I did there?)



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