Extra Bougie

So this is a shout out to my work neighbor-friend who solidified the concept of the serious generation gap that I never felt before.

So apparently there’s this word: Bougie (spelling is anyone’s guess and in various ways on the web, but that’s what itsounds like at least). It means to act like you are in a higher social class/status than you actually are (based on money I guess? Honestly I still don’t know). According to my friend, while acting like you are in this higher class you are acting like you are wearing/ doing CRAZY expensive things – however- and here’s the twist- you don’t LOOK like it- in fact the outfits of the bougie ( IMO) usually look like sweatpants and other items from  Bradlees in the early 80s- but there are designer labels etc.. on them. Or something like that. I looked it up- it comes from the word bourgeois  so I get that, but the overall concepts harder than you’d think. There’s been some writing  about this topic, and some quizzess to help assess your status as bougie or not, and there are some songs- don’t read the lyrics mom, they’re not nice, and there are lots of ways to use it and while I doubt it will enter my daily vernacular, I’m working on it so I can throw it in occasionally in convos with my neighbor friend and make her happy even though I don’t want the Kardashians. Its a slow process, but I do now know that my invisibelt doesn’t qualify, (I have tried many times).


So yeah.   By no means do I feel old. And honestly, I usually feel like I’m pretty ‘in the know’ about the latest trends, slang, music etc since I’m surrounded by the latest generation (of suburbia at least).  That’s not to say I LIKE all the latest and ‘greatest’ stuff, but whatever… Neon and MC Hammer pants has come back into style as of late and those were my days so true whole people who live in glass houses things apply.

However, as of late I feel like there is SO MUCH new stuff and I just can’t even! (oh, but I CAN use that correctly!)… but actually, I want to finish the damn sentence: I just can’t even keep up!

this cartoon lady kind of looks like Mariah Carey

I’m serious! (and also channeling my Dad with that!)  I do know that meme is ‘supposed to’ be pronounced  ‘meeem’, but really, saying “may-may” makes me feel better in an ‘I’m being ironic or something’ way (even if it was how I originated the pronunciation… And I did have a student email me a link to this page… in mockery. And I got him back. #trustme




And then there’s “extra”.  Yes, the word that means- ‘more than is needed/that is expected’- Like this meme: but its used along with another word- its describing a word- so I guess that makes it maybe an adverb or adjective- and it could be a noun too maybe? IDK.
But now its used as a… well, I don’t even know exactly, its just used as a ‘stand alone’ word.   Ok here is what I mean: “That girl is so extra.” “My lunch is so extra.” etc… apparently it means ‘over the top excessive, dramatic behavior; way too much.’  Therefore, onecould say that the girl in the fries meme is being extra… Does that make sense? Here’s a few more examples:



I’m especially sensitive about this extra thing b/c I use the word surplus as a vocab word in my SS classes, and when trying to give a quick definition I used extra as a synonym… The wonky faces that started appearing this year – 11 years after I started teaching this same subject (with the same damn words people…) NOW the wonky faces?!?!! It annoying- trust me, I’ve never had this word as a stumper in class before. I just wanted to yell “WTF IS WRONG WITH YOUR BRAINS” at them! But no, then this meme would apply to me:


 I’ve also had a few other  generation gap snafus:

  • Nephew #1 calling a teacher a “hard-o” and me freaking out thinking he was referring to a hard-on… MOST EMBARRASSING!
  • A quick calendar scribbled on the whiteboard in my classroom- went from the days labeled  M T W T F – later erasing part of the board, leaving – you guessed it- only the WTF. After 5- or 25- minutes of smirks and giggles and someone finally caved in and explained it the situation… faaaaaaabulous.

Then this year I had the words “Silk Road”, among others, written on the board in a research topic list.  My neighbor-teacher comes into my room to tell me how awesome and inspiring I am to her remind me of a dreaded meeting we had coming up (that she knew I would  forget) and she stopped in her tracks and GASPED. I mean that may have been Extra #justsaying And, in the most innocent tone (similar to a “what kind of bread would you like for your toast- rye, wheat or a muffin?” tone) she asked me why I was teaching kids how to get drugs. WHAT?!?! I was so confused- I had no idea which of the words on the board was sparking this question. She pointed to Silk Road and so I fervently launched into a lesson on  the history of the Silk Road. At some point she put her hand up and started telling me about the “Dark web” and access to the most illicit of drugs in the world…. and it was a sh*% show conversation that ended abruptly as we had a meeting to attend. For the whole meeting, and the rest of the day, I was thinking about what she had said- but was afraid to even google it on my school computer -or even on my phone since it was on school wifi! (this is sometimes a useful strategy – the google is, I mean, to figure out stuff) I, of course, forgot about it when I got home; and the next morning when I  saw the words on my board I immediately erased them and hoped no students knew what my neighbor did.  At lunch I went back to her, armed with a map, and to get more clarification. She updated me, I updated her- we reassured each other that neither of us have been to either Silk Road. Sheesh!



But I will tell you, after that incident, I realized that a generation  gap doesn’t literally mean- parent- kid- grandkid…  its more like a 5-10ish year cycle that creates a generation of trends. And the older I get, the more there are to keep track of: Generations, trends all of it.   No reason to feel old.  I went home that afternoon thinking that maybe I was getting older- well ok, I know that I am getting older…. but I decided  that I was ok with it; I don’t want to get younger. I like what I know, where I’ve been and and the challenge of what’s in front of me.  Its ok to not be on trend- I’m sure I wasn’t always there/ with them when the trends were mine.

And then, a week later, I found out that a colleague- who I 100% believed was a solid 10+years older than me- was, in fact,  my age. And she was also a grandmother.

I’m now currently learning how to meditate. Its ageless.



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